Slow Live 2016 in Temple Ikegami Honganji

Slow Live 2016 in Temple Ikegami Honmonji

Contents 1. What is Slow Live? 2. Traits of Slow Live 3. Atmosphere 4. Artists    4.1. GLIM SPANKY  …

Ninja Pattern

What is a Real Ninja Like?

Contents 1. Ninja was really cool Ninja we usually imagine? 2. First Ninja Otomo no Hosohito 3. Female Ninja Kunoichi…


Psycho-Pass Review and Summary

※What I write about here might includes some spoilers so if you are like “no spoilers”, please watch real anime…

Nezu Shrine

Strolled around Nezu and Nezu Shrine in Tokyo

Contents 1. From Yanaka to Nezu no Taiyaki and Nezu shrine 2. Nezu Shrine 3. Inside and main building of…

Yuyake Dandan

Strolled around Yanaka in Tokyo

Contents 1. Yanaka of Yanesen 2. Yuuyake Dandan and Yanaka Ginza 3. Japanese sweet shop and Hand puppet 4. Kemenoko…

Japanese Wa Soap

Wondrous Handmade Japanese Soap with Washi

Contents 1. What’s wondrous 2. Secret of wondrous pattern 3. Handmade technique 4. Material 5. Rarity value 6. My private…

Ghibli Exhibition Flying Boat

Ghibli Exhibition in Tokyo

Contents 1. Ghibli Exhibition 2. New Film The Red Turtle 3. Picture Panels 4. Desk of Producer Toshio Suzuki 5….

Ripple (Definition of self-satisfaction)

Definition of self‐satisfaction

What you think you are doing nice is really for others? Because we often do it for ourselves after all…

Freedom in desert

A freedom named cage

What is freedom? When you have choice anything you want, are you free? If you don’t like school or job…

Vending machine with cat

Japanese Vending Machine

Contents 1. The reason of top diffusion rate of Japanese vending machine 2. Quality 3. Variety 4. Trend of next…