Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

What is Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku?

Most popular Japanese Mochi Ice Cream is Yukimi Daifuku, I would say if asked! I loved it when I was child! Here I’ll introduce you this Yukimi Daifuku!

Natto (8 Japanese Fermented Foods)

Japanese Fermented Foods: 8 Healthy Diet to Try!!

2019 started and already past few weeks. On New Year, Japanese people enjoy Osechi Ryori, which is a special dishes…

Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018

Visited Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018 in Tokyo! Biggest Organic Event in Japan!!

If you are interested in organic food, slow life, vegetarian & vegan, etc. this is the event for you. This…

Matcha Desserts of Nakamura Tokichi

Best 10 Matcha Cafes in Tokyo! Matcha Desserts are Must-Try!!

Source : Instagram Matcha is now very popular worldwide. Matcha was not so popular when I was a little child…

Koala no March

Very Popular Japanese Candies and Snacks! Selected from Japanese point of view!!

Japanese candy or snack is one of the must-try things if you visit Japan! I myself have a sweet tooth,…


What is Dorayaki? All about Dorayaki in Japan!

I think most Japanese reminds that blue cat-like robot when they hear Dorayaki. Yes, Doraemon! Favorite anime of child! I…

Kakigori (Shaved Ice)

Popular Traditional Japanese Summer Desserts

I introduced traditional summer food “Somen” before. So this time, I pick up popular Japanese desserts. Not only the taste…

Suikawari (Watermelon Splitting)

Watermelon Smashing Suikawari: Origin and Unique Rule

Suika is Watermelon in Japanese. Many people in Japan imagine this Suika as one of the summer features. And I…

Nagashi Somen

Nagashi Somen (Floating Noodles) in Tokyo Makes Unique Experience

I think Ramen, Udon, Soba are famous but Somen is not famous in overseas. It is also one of the…

Azumino Wasabi Farm

How is Japanese Wasabi Made?

Do you like Wasabi? I don’t mean the movie Wasabi but Wasbi of food. Yes, that green hot thing used…