Cosplayer of Bell and Itasha

Wonder Festival 2018 Winter Figure and Cosplayer

As always, I visited Wonder Festival this year, too. I just enjoyed its main hall this time (yes, I just…

Picture for Ikigai

Meaning of Ikigai

Actually I was very surprised to know that Ikigai is now becoming one of the famous Japanese words in overseas….

Bon Dance

Japanlish Song “Tokyo Bon 2020”! Namewee shows you Interesting Japanglish

I found interesting YouTube Video! It was interesting as I could look at Japanglish objectively. Yes, I think I can…

Chocolate of Valentine

Valentine’s Day in Japan! What are Honmei and Giri Choco?

Do you have any memories on Valentine’s Day? February 14 is valentine’s day here in Japan. Valentine’s Day in Japan…

New Year's Card Nengajo 2018

Japanese New Year Post card Nengajo! Dog’s Year 2018!

Akemashite Omedotou Gozaimasu! That is, Happy New Year!! Yes, I know it is already 1 week after 1st January but…

Fukubukuro 2018

Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2018 in Japan

Already at the end of the year!! As always, time flies!! And right after the end of the year, that…

Caretta Illumination 2017 (Shiodome Station)

Tokyo Popular Christmas Illumination Spots 2017!! Visited 7 Must-See Spots!!

Christmas comes closer now, doesn’t it. Christmas is also one of the big events here in Japan. This time I…

In front of Takaosan Guchi Station

Takaosan (Mt. Takao) Hiking in Autumn Leaves 2017

Autumn leaves are really beautiful in late November in Tokyo. There are many spots to enjoy beautiful autumn leaves in…

The Whales of August (Hachigatsu no Kujira)

Movie Themed Cocktail Bar The Whales of August (Hachigatsu no Kujira) in Tokyo

Have you ever heard of a bar which makes any drink to the taste of your favorite movie? There is…


Why do the Japanese hunt whales?

I could sometimes see this whale hunting of Japan creating issue and criticism. As for me, whale hunting was not…