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Blog Report of Hiro8 Japanese Culture Blog I just wanted to say thank you very much to all the readers…

Picture for Ikigai

Meaning of Ikigai

Actually I was very surprised to know that Ikigai is now becoming one of the famous Japanese words in overseas….

Grumpy Face

Pointing out Faults of a person? From My Recent Experience

Do you point out shortcomings or weakness of other people? I think mostly that causes problem and just breaks the…

Japanese Coins

Meaning of My Treat

Which sides are you on? Treat or being treated? When it comes to a date, I think more than half…

Wabi Sabi

Definition of Wabi Sabi

Even to Japanese, it is difficult to explain the definite meaning of Wabi Sabi. I am not an exception, either….

1 Litre of Tears

Aya Kito-san of 1 Liter of Tear tells us a reason we live

This 1 Liter of Tear was made based on real story. It is more than 10 years ago and it…

Flowering Crabapple Tree

Meaning of Omotenashi

Omotenashi is Japanese. This is one of the Japanese words which can not be translated into English in one word….

Skating Rink of Theme Park in Fukuoka

Theme Park in Fukuoka got flaming by displaying dead fish frozen into Skating Rink

Source : Theme park in Fukuoka Prefecture suspended business of its ice rink as it got flaming by displaying…

Growing up

How to Make Yourself Grow – If you really want to Grow UP

If I tell you what is the thing to grow up, I just say strict with yourself and nice to…

Real Kindness

Real Kindness and the Thought Lies in Treat others

Contents 1. Real Kindness Real Kindness To be kind to others is a good thing. Everyone says and we might…