Drive My Car

What Drive My Car about? Ending Explained!!

Drive My Car won Oscar for best international feature! I also watched it and had a good impression, Here I introduce the summary and the ending scene!

Japanese Word of the year 2021!

Japanese Word of the year 2021! Top 10 Buzzwords Picked Up!!

2021 soon ends. Many things happened this year and word of the year reflects the things! Here, I picked up…

Upper Body of Unicorn Gundam

Tokyo Olympics: BBC misunderstood Gundam for Transformer!

Today is the final day of Tokyo Olympics 2020. And a couple of days ago, a comment BBC made for…

Belle by Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda’s New Film Belle! Summary and Review!

Mamoru Hosoda’s New Film Belle (竜とそばかすの姫) was released this July. I went see a film theater to watch it. Actually,…

Online Drinking Party

Online Drinking Party is now in fashion in Japan!

Now Online Drinking Party is in fashion in Japan due to this COVID-19. I see, enjoy drinking party online instead…

DESIGN FESTA vol.50 2019

Went to DESIGN FESTA Tokyo 50 (2019 Autumn)! It was an exiting event!!

Went to DESIGN FESTA for the fist time in a while, maybe decade. DESIGN FESTA is the largest art event…

Dragon Quest: Your Story

Review of Movie of Dragon Quest: Your Story which became a controversial movie!!

Movie of Dragon Quest: Your Story is becoming controversial in Japan now. I think most people from overseas think like…

Kaneki's One-Eyed Curry in Tokyo Ghoul:re CAFE

Visited Tokyo Ghoul:re CAFE in Ikebukuro! Mazui Sandwich was worth trying for braver!!

This is actually second time to me to visit cafe of Tokyo Ghoul. Last time was, I just checked it…

Cosplayer of Gundam and Iron Leaguer

Wonder Festival 2019 Winter! Report of Figures! (Main Hall)

Visited Wonder Festival 2019 Winter! As usual, it was big exiting event! It is consists of 3 halls and I…

Bonsai Performance by Masashi Hirao

Visited Saitama WABI SABI Festival 2018

Visited Saitama WABI SABI Festival last week! Literally it’s the festival to enjoy Japanese WABI SABI. Looks like it was…