Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Files)

Meaning of Yu Yu Hakusho! What’s the Kanji?

Yu Yu Hakusho, known as “Ghost Files” in English, becomes live-action TV drama on Netflix in 2023!! That’s surprising news!!…

Anya of Spy x Family

All about Anya of Spy x Family!!

I can say say that most popular anime in this 2022 is Spy x Family! Anya is very popular, especially. Here I introduce all about Anya from her age, smug face to the voice actor.

Drive My Car

What Drive My Car about? Ending Explained!!

Drive My Car won Oscar for best international feature! I also watched it and had a good impression, Here I introduce the summary and the ending scene!

Pile of Salt Mori Shio (Morijio)

Meaning of Pile of Salt Mori Shio (Morijio) in front of Restaurant

If you have ever been to Japan, you might have seen little triangle pile of salt. Especially, right in front…

Sakura (Image of Mono no Aware)

What is Mono no Aware? Introduction and Example!

Mono no Aware is really a Japanese word which can not be translated directly into English. Even I, a Japanese,…

Work By Naoko Yamada

3 Popular Anime Films By Naoko Yamada!

If you are an anime fan, I think you might heard about “Keion” or “A Silent Voice”. Both of them…


What’s Omikuji on New Year and how to handle Bad Fortune?

Happy New Year!! 2022 started!! On the New Year, many people visit shrine or temple in Japan. And many of…

Japanese Word of the year 2021!

Japanese Word of the year 2021! Top 10 Buzzwords Picked Up!!

2021 soon ends. Many things happened this year and word of the year reflects the things! Here, I picked up…

Japanese Christmas Cake

What does Japanese Christmas Cake Mean? History and Meaning of Christmas Cake in Japan!!

As I am Japanese, I used to enjoy Christmas cake every year when I was a child. Well, even now,…

Anohana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

Great Quotes of Anohana in Japanese!!

Anohana is so heart-touching anime and made many of us cry many times, I think. I even went to the…