What is Ishiyaki Imo (Roasted Sweet Potato)? How to Cook?

Contents 1. Winter is the season of Roasted Sweet Potato vendor in Japan 2. Why sweet potato roasted by hot…

Nintendo Classic Mini

Ninendo Classic Mini (Mini Famicom) sold out immediately

Contents 1. Ninendo Classic Mini had an influx of orders 2. 30 Video Games of Nintendo Classic Mini 3. Size,…

Cash culture in Japan

Why Japanese people use cash instead of credit cards?

In Japan, people don’t use credit cards that much like those in overseas. People usually use cash at a supermarket,…

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April : Kaori’s Letter to Kousei and Days she lived with Him

※What I write about here might includes some spoilers that if you are like “no spoilers”, please watch real movie…

Koedo Kawagoe

Day Trip Koedo Kawagoe : Little Edo has the memory of My Childhood

Kawagoe is almost hometown to me as it is just 3 stops from my hometown and I visited there many…


Bikkuriman Stickers made a big hit in 1985 in Japan

Source : Gadget Tsuushin Have you ever heard of Bikkuriman? It is a chocolate wafer with a small sticker bonus….

Vege Food Festa 2016 Yoyogi Park

Tokyo Vege Food Festa 2016 in Yoyogi Koen

Contents 1. What’s Vege Food Festa 2. Report of Vege Food Festa 2016 3. Summary What’s Vege Food Festa It’s…

PPAP T-shirt

How PPAP of Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou became popular?

Contents 1. Relationship between Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou 2. How PPAP was made? 3. How and why it became popular?…

Growing up

How to Make Yourself Grow – If you really want to Grow UP

If I tell you what is the thing to grow up, I just say strict with yourself and nice to…