Yuyake Dandan

Strolled around Yanaka in Tokyo

Contents 1. Yanaka of Yanesen 2. Yuuyake Dandan and Yanaka Ginza 3. Japanese sweet shop and Hand puppet 4. Kemenoko…

Japanese Wa Soap

Wondrous Handmade Japanese Soap with Washi

Contents 1. What’s wondrous 2. Secret of wondrous pattern 3. Handmade technique 4. Material 5. Rarity value 6. My private…

Ghibli Exhibition Flying Boat

Ghibli Exhibition in Tokyo

Contents 1. Ghibli Exhibition 2. New Film The Red Turtle 3. Picture Panels 4. Desk of Producer Toshio Suzuki 5….

Ripple (Definition of self-satisfaction)

Definition of self‐satisfaction

What you think you are doing nice is really for others? Because we often do it for ourselves after all…

Freedom in desert

A freedom named cage

What is freedom? When you have choice anything you want, are you free? If you don’t like school or job…

Vending machine with cat

All about Japanese Vending Machine

Contents 1. The reason of top diffusion rate of Japanese vending machine 2. Good Quality 3. Abundance of Variety 3….

Antique Jamboree 2016 Summer

Antique Jamboree 2016 Summer

 Contents 1. What’s Antique Jamboree 2016 Summer? 2. Report of Antique Jamboree 2016 Summer 3. Summary What’s Antique Jamboree…

Japanese Fox Mask

Japanese Fox Mask is now a kind of fashion for cosplayer and Halloween

Contents 1. History of God of Fox Oinari-san Mask 2. Another face of Fox Nine-tailed Fox 3. Fushimi Inari Shrine…

Starry night with someone special

Not hatred but forgiveness

Why there is war? Why doesn’t the war disappear? Because of money or religion thing after all? Actually I can’t…

Wonder Festival 2016 Summer

Went to the Biggest Japanese Toy and Figure Festival Wonder Festival 2016 Summer

Contents 1. What’s Wonder Festival 2. 3D Digital Modeling 3. Report of  Wonder Festival 2016 Winter What’s Wonder Festival Wonder…