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Personal Information
In this website, private information such as registering your name and mail address are required only when you submit request or message through “Inquiry”.
This private information is used just to answer your question by E-mail that not used for any other objects or in any other situations except for legal requirements.

Web Cookie Policy
In this website, cookies are used for its contents.
Cookies are information sent by this website to your browser which is stored on your PC, smartphone, etc.
However, private information to identify individuals such as your name, mail address, etc. are not included.

For access analysis and providing effective advertisement, information of cookies may be used.
It is possible to refuse cookies by configuring your browser.
Please refer to this advertisement setting to refuse advertisement using cookies.
Following access analysis and advertising placement service are used in this website.

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Third Party Advertising Placement Service and Cookie
In this website, Google AdSense, which is advertising placement service of third party, is used and advertisement distributed by third party web publisher and advertisement network are placed.
With this advertising service and by using cookies, optimized advertisement is placed based on the information user visited this website and other websites in the past.

All the contents and information are written to ensure providing exact information, however there may also be a case of including old information or wrong information.
Please note that we shall not be liable in any way for damages brought due to the contents posted in this website.

A Person in charge of Information Management
Hiroshi Yanagida (President, JLINK)
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please submit request by “Inquiry” on the top page.