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Made in Abyss Exhibition

Went to the Made in Abyss Exhibition!!

Made in Abyss Exhibition was held in Tokyo! I went to the exhibition including the cafe of Made in Abyss! I introduce you the exhibition here

Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Files)

Meaning of Yu Yu Hakusho! What’s the Kanji?

Yu Yu Hakusho, known as “Ghost Files” in English, becomes live-action TV drama on Netflix in 2023!! That’s surprising news!!…

Anya of Spy x Family

All about Anya of Spy x Family!!

I can say say that most popular anime in this 2022 is Spy x Family! Anya is very popular, especially. Here I introduce all about Anya from her age, smug face to the voice actor.

Work By Naoko Yamada

3 Popular Anime Films By Naoko Yamada!

If you are an anime fan, I think you might heard about “Keion” or “A Silent Voice”. Both of them…

Anohana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

Great Quotes of Anohana in Japanese!!

Anohana is so heart-touching anime and made many of us cry many times, I think. I even went to the…

Anohana (The Flower We Saw That Day)

Anohana Ending Explained! Meaning of the Flowers!

Just 10 years has passed since the air of Anohana! I watched all the episodes again this time. It still…

Belle by Mamoru Hosoda

Mamoru Hosoda’s New Film Belle! Summary and Review!

Mamoru Hosoda’s New Film Belle (竜とそばかすの姫) was released this July. I went see a film theater to watch it. Actually,…

Choju-Giga (Image for History of Japanese Manga! When is the origin?)

History of Japanese Manga! When is the origin?

Japanese comic, or manga became popular today. But it was not very popular like today in Japan when I was…

Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is Dark Anime? Explanation and Review of Madoka Magica!

この投稿をInstagramで見る JLINK(@hiroshi80)がシェアした投稿 Why Madoka Magica is very popular even now? Some people say Madoka Magica is a dark anime. Child…

Your Lie in April

Beautiful Quotes of Your Lie in April in Japanese!!

The anime that I remember when the season of Sakura approaches is Your Lie in April. If I pick up…