Grumpy Face

Pointing out Faults of a person? From My Recent Experience

Do you point out shortcomings or weakness of other people? I think mostly that causes problem and just breaks the…

Kakigori (Shaved Ice)

Popular Traditional Japanese Summer Desserts

I introduced traditional summer food “Somen” before. So this time, I pick up popular Japanese desserts. Not only the taste…

Lantern Obon

What is Obon? History and Wish contained in Bon Odori

In summer, people get summer vacation in the middle of August. It also falls on Obon. Bon dancing, or Bon…

Suikawari (Watermelon Splitting)

Watermelon Smashing Suikawari: Origin and Unique Rule

Suika is Watermelon in Japanese. Many people in Japan imagine this Suika as one of the summer features. And I…

Itasha of Fate/Apocrypha

Wonder Festival 2017 Summer The Second Part

Here is the second half of Wonder Festival 2017 Summer! Thanks for keep reading! Contents 1. Report of Figure and…

Cosplayers of Masked Roders

Wonder Festival 2017 Summer with Video The First Part

I think I do not need to introduce Wonder Festival no more as I’ve showed what it is in the…


Top 3 Unique Manga Kissa in Tokyo

Have you ever been to Managa kissa? As for me, yes yesterday I went to Manga kissa at midnight and…

Image of Metsa

Moomin Themed Park Metsa Opens in Saitama in 2018!!

Source : Mesta Actually there is already Moomin Valley in Saitama. It is located in Hanno city in Saitama Prefecture….

Nagashi Somen

Nagashi Somen (Floating Noodles) in Tokyo Makes Unique Experience

I think Ramen, Udon, Soba are famous but Somen is not famous in overseas. It is also one of the…

Azumino Wasabi Farm

How is Japanese Wasabi Made?

Do you like Wasabi? I don’t mean the movie Wasabi but Wasbi of food. Yes, that green hot thing used…