Glass of Sandblast

Interviewed Japanese Glass Sandblasting Artist

This time I interviewed Japanese Glass Sandblasting Artist. She makes really beautiful glass using sandblast. Sandblast is a carving technique…


Woomo or Hatchimals in Japan Sold Out One After Another

Contents 1. Woomo might be the last big trend in 2016 2. What is Woomo in the first place 3….

Nintendo Classic Mini

Ninendo Classic Mini (Mini Famicom) sold out immediately

Contents 1. Ninendo Classic Mini had an influx of orders 2. 30 Video Games of Nintendo Classic Mini 3. Size,…

Hakone Yosegi Zaiku Trick Box

Japanese traditional handcraft Hakone Yosegi Zaiku or Hakone marquetry

Contents 1. History 2. Characteristics 3. Types of Wood used for making 4. Special Technique Muku and Zuku 5. Popular…

Japanese Wa Soap

Wondrous Handmade Japanese Soap with Washi

Contents 1. What’s wondrous 2. Secret of wondrous pattern 3. Handmade technique 4. Material 5. Rarity value 6. My private…

Japanese Fox Mask

Japanese Fox Mask is now a kind of fashion for cosplayer and Halloween

Contents 1. History of God of Fox Oinari-san Mask 2. Another face of Fox Nine-tailed Fox 3. Fushimi Inari Shrine…

Sushi Cat Keychain and Display? Nya-ta is Kawaii but Quality Figure

Contents 1. Unique Idea 2. Quality 3. Story 4. How to enjoy Unique Idea When I first looked at this…