Image of Did Ryuichi Sakamoto Make Ghibli Anime Music and Other Anime Music?

Did Ryuichi Sakamoto Make Ghibli Anime Music and Other Anime Music?

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music for Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and The Last Emperor are famous worldwide. Did he also make music for Ghibli and other anime? I’ll introduce his works here!

Female high-school student (Image of Atarashii Gakko)


Song of Atarashii Gakko no Leaders stuck in my head! Popularity of Atarashii Gakko no Leaders has been growing these…

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Theme Song of FF7 Remake Hollow! Who sing the song?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released this April, wasn’t it. I remember days in high school when I played the…

Guitar and Fox Mask (Japanese Anime Singer Image)

Popular Japanese Anime Singers Best 10 in 2018!!

In the old days, maybe over 30 years ago, anime music or singer was just for anime. That is, just…

Bon Dance

Japanlish Song “Tokyo Bon 2020”! Namewee shows you Interesting Japanglish

I found interesting YouTube Video! It was interesting as I could look at Japanglish objectively. Yes, I think I can…

Stage after Live Concert

Acoustic Village – Japanese Free Music Festivals 2017 in Saitama

I was looking forward to this music festival since last year! Why? Because I can enjoy music of popular musicians…

Picture for Nujabes

Nujabes died but the Music remains Forever

Reflection Eternal Who is Nujabes To tell you the truth, I myself did not know about nujabes until recently and…


RADWIMPS make English songs for Your Name that will be shown in US and Canada

Your Name is shown worldwide now I think now this movie Your Name is very famous. It is all about…

The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God

The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God and Music of Aimer

Collaboration of Japanese food and IT. This is certainly very unique exhibition. Actually I couldn’t imagine what it is just…

Bump of Chicken

Bump of Chicken and collaboration with Miku Hatsune

I think Bump of Chicken is not famous in overseas that I picked up in my blog. Maybe you might…