Ittoseki (Rock of Demon Slayer)

Where is Demon Slayer’s rock in real life? I went to the location!

There was a scene Tanjiro practiced swordplay in a mountain and slashed a big rock. It actually exists in real…

Tokyo Night View

Is Tokyo dangerous at night? Answer from my experience as a Japanese!

Is Tokyo dangerous at night? I’m Japanese and many times spent night in Tokyo, so I can explain if it’s dangerous or not here.

Doragon Quest LASWON in Akihabara

Went to LAWSON of Dragon Quest in Akihabara! Checked the goods and shot video!!

Doragon Quest Walk finally started this month, didn’t it! I could not resist the appeal of Dragon Quest although I…

Guesthouse YUURIN-AN

Stayed at Old Japanese style Guesthouse YUURIN-AN in Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter!

I’ve been to Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter in Okayama Prefecture last week. There, I stayed at old Japanese-style Guesthouse “YUURIN-AN”…

Souvenir of Ghibli Museum

8 Popular Souvenir at Ghibli Museum Gift Shop 2019! Including Limited Items!

I’ve been to Ghibli Museum in Mitaka for the first time in, maybe, 18 years! There is a gift shop…

Discharge Channel

Visited Tokyo’s Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel!! Joined Tour!!

Long name!!!( ゚Д゚) But this Tokyo’s Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is becoming very popular nowadays (hereinafter, referred to…

Cat Statues at Gotokuji Temple

Visited Lucky Cat Temple Gotokuji in Tokyo!!

Do you like cat? If so, I recommend you to visit Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo. It is, I think, most…

Foliage of Japanese Maple

Kamikatsu Town in Tokushima : Zero Waste and Leaf Business attracts visitors!

Source : Kamikatsu Kamikatsu town is located in Tokushima Prefecture. Not only people in Japan but people from overseas visit…

Vending Machine in Akihabara was too strange and scary!! Bought some mystery items!!

You might think Akihabara is a sacred place for anime, figure and subculture. Yes that’s certainly true. But Akihabara also…

Demonstration of Yamaoroshi

Terada Honke Okura Festa (Sake Festival) 2018! Visited Sake Brewery, too!!

If you want to enjoy real sake and sake brewery. I highly recommend this festival of Terada Honke. Only in…