What is Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku?

Ice cream of mochi has been becoming popular in overseas recently.

There are variety of mochi ice cream today.
But if asked about mochi ice cream in Japan, I’m sure most Japanese would imagine “Yukimi Daifuku”.

That’s the most popular and famous mochi ice cream since old days here in Japan.

I’ll introduce here this popular Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku.

What is Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku?

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku, written 雪見だいふく(ゆきみだいふく) in Japanese, is most famous and popular mochi ice cream in Japan, I can say.

Lotte is the company which started selling Yukimi Daifuku in 1980.
So it has been over 40 years since the first release.

Yes, it is a long-seller mochi ice cream!
One of the most popular ice cream loved by men and women of all ages in Japan!

The ice cream is covered with soft mochi.
So outside is glutinous and chewy.

Standard flavor of the ice cream is vanilla.

But you can also find other flavors as well such as choco, matcha, cream cheese, sweet potato, chestnut, strawberry milk, etc.

What is Yukimi Daifuku made of?

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku is made from ice cream and mochi.

And following is the details of the ingredients written on the package.

Sugar, starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, dairy products, vegetable fats and oils, starch, dried egg albumen, dextrin, roast sugar syrup, salt, emulsifier, stabilizer, modified starch, fragrance, coloring.

They are the ingredients of basic vanilla flavor that depends on the flavor, some other ingredients added.

Is Yukimi Daifuku Healthy?

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku healthy? if asked, I would say no.

You can find if it is healthy or not from the ingredients I introduced above.

I don’t say only this Yukimi Daifuku is not healthy but most of the processed ice creams sold at a store all over the world.

Because most of the processed ice creams you can buy at a store use food additives.

If you want to enjoy healthy ice cream, you need to choose an organic ice cream, fair trade ice cream and vegan ice cream although they are bit expensive.

By the way, calorie of Yukimi Daifuku is not high.

One piece of Yukimi Daifuku is 83 cal. that 166 calories in total as it has two pieces of Yukimi Daifuku in one package.

When it comes to only calories, I can say 166 cal is low calorie and healthy.

How to eat?

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

You can eat it with a stick attached to the ice cream.

If you want to eat it directly by hand, it is OK but the ice cream inside would start to melt soon.
I think most people use the stick

Please note that Yukimi Daifuku is frozen ice cream that you need to wait for a couple of minutes after getting out from the fridge in Winter.

Or, you can not stick into the ice cream as its mochi is frozen and hard.

Summer is OK.
No need to wait or one minute is enough to wait.

Where to find?

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream Yukimi Daifuku

If you live in Japan, you can find Yukimi Daifuku at a convenience store or super market all over Japan.

Such a popular ice cream that I think most of the convenience store or super market selling it.

Check ice cream corner, not dessert corner, of the store.


Since the first selling, it becomes 43 years in this 2023.

And they sell new flavor every year.

Still, most popular one is standard vanilla flavor.

I enjoyed a lot when I was child.

Well, even now if I have a chance, but I became semi-vegan now, so I hope they also develop veggie Yukimi Daifuku someday!

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