Meaning of Bocchi the Rock! and Characters Introduction!

Bocchi the Rock! became popular, especially after the release of its anime in 2022 October.

It is an anime of girls band and I remember Keion, which was also an anime of girls band and became very popular long time ago.

They are same music anime but the taste is different.

I would say that the existence of Bocchi made the big difference.

What is Bocchi?

Here I introduce you the meaning of Bocchi the Rock! and each characters!

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Meaning of Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi is the nickname of the main character Hitori Goto of Bocchi the Rock!

This Bocchi came from Japanese word Hitori Bocchi (ひとりぼっち).

Hitori Bocchi means “Lonely”.

Yes, not a good word to use as a nickname.

Bocchi is a kind of slung.
Bocchi is sometimes used as a self-deprecating joke but if you use it to others, it’ll be a bad-mouth

When Nijika (band memeber) asked her nickname, she replied that she didn’t have any nickname as she was always lonely.

Even if her classmates had something to ask, they just spoked to her saying “Hello”or “Excuse me”.

So she had no nickname. T T

Having heard that, Ryo was thinking about her situation and the relation.

Her situation was lonely, that is, Hitori Bocchi, well, Bocchi.
“How about Bocchi-chan?” she said.

Nijika was put off saying “Oh my, private point you picked up”.

But Hitori Goto liked the nickname and said “I’m Bocchi”.

That’s how she became Bocchi-chan.

They call her using chan and that makes mild, gentle taste and implying they treasure Hitori Goto as a friend.

Characters of Bocchi the Rock!

I introduce main characters of Bocchi the Rock, here.

Bocchi-chan (Hitori Goto)

Bocchi-chan is the main character of Bocchi the Rock!

Real name is Goto Hitori (後藤ひとり).

Bicchi-chan is 15-year-old and in the first year of Shuka High School.

She is very shy, awkward and not good at face-to-face communication in classroom.

She often hides inside cardboard box or trash box.
To be cornered, her face breaks and changes into funny face.

Her unique character is loved by members.

She is the lead guitar of Kessoku Band and can play very well at her best.

Bocchi-chan’s Profile

Age : 15
Height : 156cm
Voice Actor : Yoshino Aoyama

Nijika (Nijika Ijichi)

Nijika Ijichi(伊地知虹夏)(いじちにじか) is the one who asked Bocchi-chan of joining her band.

She is 16-year-old and a second-year high school student of Shimokitazwa High School.

She is a kind, an outgoing girl and drummer of her band Kessoku Band.

Nijika’s Profile

Age : 16
Height : 154cm
Voice Actor : Sayumi Suzushiro

Ryo (Ryo Yamada)

Ryo Yamada(山田リョウ)(やまだりょう) also goes to the same school with Nijika.

Same 16-year-old in the second year of the Shimokitazwa High School.
Ryo is Nijika’s best friend and they are classmate.

She has a cool character and doesn’t speak much.

She is also alone that Bocchi-chan once misunderstood her for same kind of person.
But she was different as she chose to be alone, not like socially awkward like Bocchi-chan.

Although her family is rich, she doesn’t have money as she spends all the money for musical instruments.

Ryo is the bassist of Kessoku Band.

Ryo’s Profile

Age : 16
Height : 163cm
Voice Actor : Saku Mizuno

Kita-chan (Ikuyo Kita)

Kita-chan(喜多郁代)(きたいくよ) is the classmate of Bocchi-chan.

Same 15-year-old and in the first year of Shuka High School.

Her character is kind and outgoing like Nijika.
Contrast to the character of Bocchi-chan that she often looks dazzling to Bocchi-chan.

Kita-chan is the vocal of Kessoku band.

Kitachan’s Profile

Age : 15
Height : 158cm
Voice Actor : Ikumi Hasegawa

Seika Ijichi

Ijichi Seika(伊地知星歌)(いじちせいか) is the older sister of Nijika.

She is 29-year-old (She became 30 in comic) and the owner of the live house STARRY.

Members of Kessoku Band work at STARRY as a part-time and sometimes perform on the stage.

Ihichi Seika was also a lead guitar but quit and opened the live house in Shimokitazawa.

She has a cool character and looks sometimes cold.
But she always worries about Ijika and her band deep down in her heart.

She also notices the talent of Bocchin-chan before anyone else.

Seika Ijichi’s Profile

Age : 29(30 in comic)
Height : No information
Voice Actor : Maaya Uchida

Kikuri Hiroi

Hiroi Kikuri(廣井きくり)(ひろいきくり) was Kohai (junior) of Ijichi Seika in University.

She is a musician and plays the bass at the live house FOLT in Shinjuku.

Her age is late twenties.

She is a lazy person but friendly.
Always drinking sake.

But her technique is real and Ryo admires her as a talented bassist.

Weak point is sake.
She always drinks sake and no money.

Kikuri Hiroi’s Profile

Age : Late Twenties
Height : No information
Voice Actor : Sayaka Senbongi

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