Best Options of Pocket WiFi Rental in Japan


You might already know that it is hard to get free wifi here in Japan.
I myself felt it is inconvenient that I can not use wifi anywhere for free after coming back to Japan from travel 4 years ago.
I had to go to Starbucks or look for McDonald’s, etc. whenever I need internet.

There are some reasons Japan doesn’t have many free wifi spots.
Now the spots you can use wifi have been increasing but still not so many.
And it must be inconvenient you have to find the spot every time when you need internet.

One solution of it is using Pocket WiFi.
You have to pay money but still it is very convenient.

Here are some popular Pocket WiFi!


I think NINJA WiFi is most famous and popular wifi rental among people from overseas.
Vision Corp. provides latest Pocket WiFi of SoftBank.

You can rent it at airport nationwide or office in Shinjuku.
If you need it to be delivered to your hotel or a certain place, they can deliver it with 500 yen extra (Tax is not included).
The price of NINJA WiFi is 900 yen plus tax per day so that’ll be about about $9 including tax.
Mobile battery is also available for 100 yen plus tax.
You can return it at air port, office in Shinjuku or by using delivery service.

You can use NINJA WiFi next day if you apply for it until previous day (until 3 pm).
So they correspond to even an urgent needs.

NINJA WiFi is one of the recommendable Pocket WiFi.


Carrier : SoftBank
Type : Pocket WiFi 303ZT
Price : 900 yen per day (Tax is not included)
Communication Method : SoftBank 4G / SoftBank 4G LTE
Data Limit : Unlimited
Downloading Speed : Maximum downloading speed at 165Mbps (SoftBank 4G), at 187.5 (SoftBank 4G LTE)
Uploading Speed : Maximum uploading speed at 10Mbps (SoftBank 4G), at 37.5 (SoftBank 4G LTE)


This JAPAN WiFi is pocket wifi of XCOM GLOBAL and is cheaper than NINJA WiFi.
It costs 780 yen plus tax so it makes about $8 including tax.
It has limit of 3G or 4G per day.
Its mobile charger is 200 yen plus tax per day.

You can pick it up or return it at airport nationwide.
There is also an option of delivery with extra cost of 500 yen plus tax.

Good point of this JAPAN WiFi is you can get discount if you use longer than 7 days.
For example, 5% discount from 8 days to 14 days, 10% discount from 15 days to 29 days, 15% discount after 30 days.
The longer use makes good deal.

But you need to apply 4 days before you use it.
So not for an urgent plan like you need wifi tomorrow.

PuPuRu WiFi

PuPuRu WiFi is also one of the rental wifi you can use in Japan.
3 types of pocket wifi are available here.
But if you need high speed unlimited wifi, Softbank 501 is recommended.

You can use it at 1000 yen per day (About $9).
You can pick it up at airport (Narita, Handa, Kansai, Centrair).
But they also deliver it to your hotel, too for free.
They give you prepaid envelop so you can return the pocket wifi using it.

You need to apply at least 3 days before you need it.

It was interesting as they also have a service of translator gadget called Pocket Talk.
It can translate over 50 languages.

RuRuRu WiFi

Carrier : SoftBank
Type : Pocket WiFi 501HW
Price : 1000 yen per day
Communication Method : SoftBank 4G LTE
Data Limit : Unlimited
Downloading Speed : Maximum downloading speed at 165Mbps (SoftBank 4G), at 187.5 (SoftBank 4G LTE)
Uploading Speed : Maximum uploading speed at 10Mbps (SoftBank 4G), at 37.5 (SoftBank 4G LTE)

HIS Unlimited Pocket WiFi Router

If you are looking for the cheapest WiFi Router, this Unlimited Pocket WiFi of HIS is the cheapest.
HIS is famous travel agency in Japan.

For example, 3 Day Plan is 2500 yen (About $23), 4 Day Plan is 3000 yen (About $28), 5 Day Plan is 3500 yen (About $47).
Day by day, 500 yen is added after 3 Day Plan.
The longer use, the better price you get if you calculate the cost per day.

Carrier is SoftBank and the communication method is SoftBank 4G LTE.
Looks like same Pocket WiFi as NINJA WiFi.
You can pick it up at check-in time of your hotel or office of HIS in Harajuku in Tokyo.

Good point is you can get it for free even if you use delivery service.
You can also return the Pocket WiFi for free using prepaid envelop they offer you first.

If you do not care picking up at Air Port, this HIS Unlimited Pocket WiFi Router is recommendable.


If your stay is not short but long, such as months or year, BIGLOBE WIMAX 2+ is one of the best options.
BIGLOBE is one of the biggest internet service providers and I myself have this WIMAX 2+ of BIGLOBE.

For unlimited WiFi plan, it costs 3991 yen (About $37) between the next moth and the month after next.
After the period, it costs 4730 yen (About $44) every month.

Great point of WIMAX 2+ of BIGLOBE is it often launches a campaign so you can get a big cash back depends on the timing.
As for me, I could get cash back of about $200 for this WIMAX 2+.
The amount of cash back differs depends on the period you apply.

But please note there is also a commitment of two-year.
You need to pay cancellation penalty of 15120 yen (About $141) as of March 2018 if you cancel it during the contract.
Still I can say that’s cheap considering the cost of wife rental services which cost you $7 to $10 every days.


When I was travelling Europe, I did not care so much about wifi because I could find wifi spots without so much difficulty.
After coming Japan, I wondered why Japan has not many free wifi spots.
After all, I gave up to use free wifi and bought WIMAX 2+.

If your stay is short such as 1 or 2 weeks, yes you might survive using free wifi of Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc.
But if you don’t want to take the trouble of finding those spots every time, try rental wifi above.
It will make you a pleasant travel!!

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