How PPAP of Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou became popular?

Relationship between Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou

I think there is no need to tell about Pikotaro here as he is famous worldwide now.

But who is he?

Many or most Japanese say he is Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimaou from his look and style although Pikotaro deny it.
I leave it the matter as it is here.
But I think I should introduce Koaka Daimaou’s career first here if you know about Pikotaro.

Kosaka Daimaou

Koasaka Daimaou is a comedian who was born in 1973 and brought up in Aomori Prefecture in Japan.
He first appeared on comedy program called Vocabulary Tengoku in 1990s.
But in 2003, he shifts his career to music field and starts his music career as “No Bottoms”.

At the same time, he makes his appearance on TV program called “Money no Tora” or “Money Tigers”.
This is the program presidents or investors come together and invest their money if the person had a great idea or skill, etc.

He told he want to make a big surprise in the world by creating Wa techno which is combination of his techno music and Japanese festival with anime costume.
He asked for about $70000 for the music activity in London.

But presidents or investors are, of course, very strict, so no one wants to give such a big money for free.
They asked him his passion, idea, skill, monetization, business plan, etc. to the details.
He could get the money he want if total money of all of them got to $70000.
But although 2 of them agreed to invest $3000, the rest of 3 didn’t agree to invest money.

He lost his chance there.
But he thanked them saying “I feel I got something important instead of money”

He change the name of No Bottoms to NBR(NEW BUSHIDOU RAVERS)in 2005 and produces mainly club event.
In 2008, he starts his career as a comedian again in tandem.

Meeting with Pikotaro

He is a singer song writer in Chiba Prefecture.
When he was singing a song in Chiba he meet with Kosaka Daimaou.
Using the opportunity, he also appeared on the stage of Kosaka Daimaou.
Kosaka Daimaou makes Pikotaro project recommending Pikotaro as his favorite artist.

How PPAP was made?

This PPAP was made at Kosaka Daimaou’s house.
Sound of PPAP itself had already been made 3 years ago.
He played the music in the house.
He always puts value on the first word came up to his mind when the music starts.

Then there was an apple in the room that had been delivered from Kosaka Daimaou’s hometown Aomori (Apple is one of the Aomori Prefecture’s specialty).
He was also holding a pen to write songs at the time.
Take the apple in his hand while others’ holding a pen.
He stabs the pen into apple and murmurs “apple pen”.

“Yes, this is it”

Then “what is similar to an apple, apple, apple, pineapple!”
He was dancing after that.

PPAP was made like this.
It is said that it just took 1 minute for thinking and another 1 minute for the song.

How and why it became popular?

It was becoming popular slowly first among junior high and high school students when it was first uploaded on YouTube in Japan.
And it spread for its unique and simple movie.
People includes actor and actress came to upload movie on YouTube imitating his dancing.
It became popular at this point but still it is not worldwide only in Japan.

Next, I don’t now how, but Justin Bieber found the movie and tweeted on Twitter as one of his favorites.
As you know, effect of celebrity and famous people are profound, it spread all over the world in no time.

And PPAP became this popular movement worldwide.

I have to say Justin Bieber was the big key for its popularity.
But without its uniqueness or easiness to imitate, it would not even been found by Justin Bieber.
His career as a comedian and in music field also help created the PPAP.

Oops, I jumbled Kosaka Daimaou and Pikotaro.

Ryuk of Death Note dancing PPAP

This combination was a surprise.
I didn’t imagine Ryuk to dance PPAP.

But certainly Ryuk’s favorite was an apple.
Pikotaro says he was amazed at the scene of Ryuku dancing PPAP.
But he also says he is very happy as he himself is a big fan of Death Note.

PPAP became real bread “Pan-Pineapple-Apple-Pan”

PPAP became real sweet bread.
Yes, I can imagine this flow.

It has been sold in high school store and a bakery shop Loire Kogetsudo at Fujisawa city in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Without thinking, apple and pineapple is a great combination from the first and must be tasty.
Price is 170 yen excludes tax or about $1.6.
Now is boom of PPAP that the bread sold out in the morning.

I recommend you to call the store and keep it before your visit or it might be better to visit after this boom if you want it.

PPAP cafe at Skytree

Pikotaro cafe opens inside Tokyo Skytree from 1st to 20th November 2016.
Maybe you can enjoy an apple and a pineapple somethings?


Actually I also could see some comments that says “I can not see interesting point in it at all”.
To tell you the truth, I’m also don’t know clearly of its interesting point.
I’m not saying I don’t like it but am still thinking what it holds for this big popularity worldwide.

Anyway Kosaka Daimao and Pikotaro showed an important thing, that is not giving up.
He had a long career more than 20 years but didn’t came up although some famous comedian had been saying he is most funniest guy in dressing room in Japan.
It was not in TV but in dressing room.

But he didn’t give up keep going for both comedy and music that he finally made a big success.
If he gave up at some point, he never see the light of day.

It was good he took the world into consideration by using English.
It would be ended only in Japan if he made it only in Japanese.

I think this point is very important.
Now we are living in global economy.
We are connected beyond border in our daily lives even if we don’t notice.
I like to see the comedy, music and thought beyond borders.

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