Sensouji in Asakusa

Hatsumode New Year Celebration in Tokyo – Visited 5 popular shrines

Happy New Year!! Thank you very much for reading my article! This 2017, on 3 January, I visited 5 popular…

Moon of Omisoka

New Year’s Eve Omisoka in Japan

New Year’s eve is called Omisoka in Japan. After Christmas to Omisoka, people get busy for preparing New Year. What…

Christmas Illumination in Roppongi

How does Japan celebrate Christmas? Facts and Origin of Japanese Christmas

Christmas in Japan is different from those in abroad. Such as having a chicken of KFC and a cake. Did…


Woomo or Hatchimals in Japan Sold Out One After Another

Contents 1. Woomo might be the last big trend in 2016 2. What is Woomo in the first place 3….

Skating Rink of Theme Park in Fukuoka

Theme Park in Fukuoka got flaming by displaying dead fish frozen into Skating Rink

Source : Theme park in Fukuoka Prefecture suspended business of its ice rink as it got flaming by displaying…

Tokyo Comic Con 2016

Comic Con Tokyo 2016 was finally held in Japan!

Contents 1. What’s the difference of Comic Con in US and Tokyo Comic Con in Japan? 2. Waiting Line of…

Nintendo Classic Mini

Ninendo Classic Mini (Mini Famicom) sold out immediately

Contents 1. Ninendo Classic Mini had an influx of orders 2. 30 Video Games of Nintendo Classic Mini 3. Size,…

Vege Food Festa 2016 Yoyogi Park

Tokyo Vege Food Festa 2016 in Yoyogi Koen

Contents 1. What’s Vege Food Festa 2. Report of Vege Food Festa 2016 3. Summary What’s Vege Food Festa It’s…

PPAP T-shirt

How PPAP of Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou became popular?

Contents 1. Relationship between Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimaou 2. How PPAP was made? 3. How and why it became popular?…

Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band and Members : Mixure of Japanese Wa Music and Rock

Contents 1. Live of Wagakki Band in Nikoniko Chokaigi 2. What is Wagakki Band 3. Member’s Career    3.1. Vocal…