History of Karaoke and today’s Karaoke in Japan

History of Karaoke It is said to have been that Original Karaoke had first appeared in around 1970 in Japan….


The meaning behind Itadakimasu

What is Itadakimasu Itadakimasu means to have food humbly. We put hands together in front of chest when we say…

Ninja Pattern

What is a Real Ninja Like?

Ninja was really cool Ninja we usually imagine? If we imagine Ninja, our imagination is like battling using ninja sword…

Vending machine with cat

Japanese Vending Machine

The reason of top diffusion rate of Japanese vending machine United States is the top if you just count the…

Why Japanese wear mask when they are not sick?

It seems like very strange scene to see many Japanese wearing a mask outside, inside or on the train. Why…


Introduction of Japanese Sakura or cherry blossom and recommended spots in Tokyo

Sakura is Japanese name of cherry blossom   Hirostory In Nara period (710~794) plum was popular than cherry blossom in…