Comic Con Tokyo 2016 was finally held in Japan!

What’s the difference of Comic Con in US and Tokyo Comic Con in Japan?

I think most of you know about Comic Con in US if you love american comics and figures.
Because it is the biggest event rather festival mixed with comic, movie and pop culture, etc. in the world.

It started in 1970 and is held for 5 days in July or August in San Diego in California.
You can see real Hollywood stars in TV and movie, too in this Comic Con.

And this year 2016, this great event came to Japan finally.
Many fans of american comics and movies in Japan were waiting this time for a long time.
Tokyo Comic Con mixed Japanese Wa food, pop culture such as Vocaloid, cosplay and video game technology of Square Enix, Capcom, etc.

The size of it is still not as big as the Comic Con in US.
I visited the biggest anime and figure festival in Japan Wonder Festival several times in the past and I thought the size of this Tokyo Comic Con was less than half.
But still this was very big festival with 3.5 thousands visitors and you can enjoy unique Japanese version Comic Con here.

Stan Lee who came visit this Tokyo Comic Con and said that it surely grows much bigger like the one in US.

I took so many pictures of figure, goods, cosplayers, etc. that this might be very long article but hope you enjoy the atmosphere.
I introduce in the form of report.

Waiting Line of Tokyo Comic Con

I arrived at the venue at about 9:30, it is just the time of opening.
There was a long waiting line even though I bought the advance ticket.
Still it was just about 30 minutes, it was better as I had to wait more than 1 hour for Wonder Festival.
But it depends on the time you come, if you come early before its opening, you might have to wait longer.

When I was lining I could see life-size figure of C-3PO is also waiting in line.
What I surprised was it was not just a big figure, it also waited and moved by itself to the progress of the line.
People around me were also talking “Wow, C-3PO!!”

Just before entrance, there was a checking of bag by security guards.
There was no this kind of checking for Wonder Festival but I thought this is good attitude as Japan is the venue of Olympic in 2020 that it needs more strict checking system.

Line of Tokyo ComiC Con

Welcomed by De Lorean of Back To The Future and K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider

Now finally inside!
Looks really interesting!

Tokyo Comic Con

On entering, you meet this De Lorean of Back To The Future.

De Lorean

Very cool with its gullwing opened!!
I watched all the series of Back To the Future and thought this De Lorean was really cool.
It is very rare to see real-size De Lorean.

And next to the De Lorean was

K.I.T.T. From Night Rider

K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider!!

This is too great meeting.
It is really rare to see the car of Knight Rider.

I would often watch it on TV when I was little.
I still remember the voice and phrase of K.I.T.T. “Hi Mickel”

Big surprise of Ryuke from Death Note

What’s that big black thing over there!

Death Note


Wow, this is great, I never imagined I meet with Ryuke here.

Well, but is it American Comic?

I see, this is Tokyo Comic Con, Comic Con of Japanese Version that anything is fine!

Next one is


This 2016 was the year of movie Shin-Godzilla released.


This is the real one that is used in the movie.

Figures of Batman, Star Wars, Back To The Future




This Batmobile is cool!

Han Solo

Han Solo!





Marty and De Lorean

Marty and De Lorean!

Figures of Funko

There were wide range of POP! Animation figures of Funko.
They are all cute!

POP Figures of Funko

These figures are just on display but you can buy some of them in this Tokyo Comic Con.
You might find limited ones.
I wonder how many types in total for this POP series.

Scary life-size dolls of Parasitic Beasts, Resident Evil, Bio Hazard

Resident Evil

Looks like real human.

It’s scary!

Dolls of Parasitic Beasts


Dolls of Resident Evil

Knocked out!!

I have to say I never took all these scary pictures if I had no intention of using it in my blog as it is too scary T _ T
But I have to say all of them are great quality at the same time.

Sale of Items

Sales of Kimono?
Or maybe you can try it on as a cosplay.


I could see POP Animation figures of Funko.

Selling T-shirt of American Comics

This booth was very popular.
They were selling T-shirt of American Comics.

Most Popular Booths

I think these 3 booths were most popular as there was a long line.
Looks like not that popular in the picture but behind me was long line of people and one by one come in front of each shops from the line and pick up the item they want.

Actually I didn’t know any of the items.
It must be not major items such as from American Comics or from Japanese anime but it must be known to those in the know.

Yes, I’m suggestible person!

I was in line although I didn’t know any company or items.
But I have to say if I knew the waiting time at the time I gave up join it.
I think I lined almost an hour, it is more than the line of entrance of this Tokyo Comic Con itself.

And what I bought after this long line was this!

Figures of Fortune Cat I bought

A kind of Cat? Youkai Cat?

After I went home I checked these figures.
I found this cat is called “Fortune Cat” and made by Real x Head.
It seems like very popular figures for fans.

Booth of Kaiyodo

Booth of Kaiyodo

Booth of Kaiyodo

Every year I visit the booth of Kaiyodo in Wonder Festival but I didn’t imagine meeting with Kaiyodo in this event.
Kaiyodo is very famous maker of quality figure in Japan.

To think of it, Kaiyodo has been making figures of American comics such as Ironman, Deadpool, De Lorean, etc.

I understood it.

Booth of Kinnikuman

There was a booth of Kinnikuman.
Kinnikuman is popular anime that had been on air in 1983 and in 1991 in Japan.
I could see some limited figures and I was going to buy figure of Kinnikuman soldier but it had already been sold out.

What else I thought unique is this.

Sake and Sake Cups of The Mountain

Sake and Sake cups of The Monutain.

He battled with Terryman once in special ring in Cichibu in Saitama.
This Sake is made in Chichibu using clear water in Chichibu.
This set of Sake, Sake cups and small wooden box for Sake is 12500 yen (about $110).

Beef Sushi was most popular at Food Space

Wide range of food shops there.

Food Shops

I could see local foods in Japan such as Udon, Soba, Sushi, Japanese Pancake, etc.
But this is Comic Con that Pizza from US, too.

Food Shops

There are tables to have foods, too although it is standing style.
I found long line in front of one shop.
It was Sushi but was not Sushi of fish.

It was Sushi of beef!

Fresh Sushi!

Udon also looked good!
This shop is from Kagawa Prefecture as it is the home of Udon.

Udon Shop from Kagawa Prefecture

When I was taking a picture of booth of Udon, stuff of the shop gave me this.

Leaflet of Udon

It says “Kagawa is not only Udon” in Japanese.

Kagawa prefecture is famous for Udon but most people don’t know other than that about Kagawa Prefecture that it says there is more things in Kagawa.

Interesting point is this leaflet tells us all the best of Udon in Kagawa with pictures of Udon and says “Welcome to Udon Prefecture” in English.

Have a try Udon if you have a chance to visit Kagawa as it tastes very good and you can enjoy it at less than $3.

Next to Domino Piza, there was a cool Scooter for Pizza delivery.

Scooter of Domino Pizza

Is it reindeer?

Oh, I see, now is December, Christmas is drawing near.

Autograph sessions of Hollywood Stars

Here is the place you can get the autograph or commemorative photo with Hollywood Stars.

Autograph sessions of Hollywood Stars

Followings are the special guests of this Tokyo Comic Con in 2016.

Stan Lee (Father of American comic-book writer), Jeremy Lee Renner (The Avengers), Matthew David Lewis(Harry Potter)、Billy Boyd(The Lord of the Rings)、Lance Henriksen(Alien)、Daniel Logan(star wars), Ryoma Takeuchi(He is Japanese actor and is Comic Con goodwill ambassador)

Great Guests!

Of course, you need to book before it is sold out.
Price of photo and autograph are depend on the person.
It is between 7500 (about $65) yen and 15000 yen (about $130) for each.

If you are fan of them, this is great chance to meet them face to face!


You can enjoy VR Game here.


This is “CIRCLE of SAVIORS”.

This game is experience-based action VR contents for HTC VIve made by PD Tokyo.
Player’s movements reflected on the screen above that others can also see it.
This is a battle game and you need to use sword for attacking and shield for protection.

It looked like a good exercise.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the ChocolateFactory

Bicycle of Charlie!

Wonka of Charlie and the ChocolateFactory

Chocolate of Wonka, too.
It is a dream of child!

Collaboration of Tokyo Marui and Resident Evil

Tokyo Marui is famous maker of air soft worldwide and it collaborated with Video game Resident Evil.

Here you can try air soft.
Staff of Tokyo Marui instructs you how to shoot.

Tokyo Marui Shooting Range

Tokyo Marui Shooting Range

Some air soft that used in Resident Evil were on display.

Air Soft of Tokyo Marui

Life-size Heroes and Quality Figures

Batman and Superman

Life-size dolls from Batman and Superman.

Captain America

Captain America,too!

Each of them had great existences.

Dark of the Moon from Transformer

Dark of the Moon from Transformer!

Anti Venom from Spiderman

Anti Venom from Spiderman!



Frog Prince from The Witcher 3

Frog Prince from The Witcher 3

Japanese Figures and Miku Hatsune

There were figures of Japanese anime, too.

Japanese Figures

Looks like some of them are new release or before its release.

Goku from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball!
Figure of Goku just before using KAMEHAMEHA!

Minato Namikaze from NARUTO

Minato Namikaze from NARUTO!

Dolls of Miku Hatsune

Doll of Miku Hatsune

Quality dollsHatsune Miku.
Dolls of VOLKS INK are famous for its quality!

Hiho Library

You can read movie magazines freely here.

Hiho Library

Hiho Library

There were many wide range of magazines on display.
If you are tired, it might be good to have a break here.

Main Stage for talk, vocaloid live and cosplay show

Here is the main stage where talk show is held.

Main Stage

You can enjoy talks of directors and designers of movies.
There is also cosplay fashion show, too.

When I was looking down on the stage from second floor, vocaloid IA was performing solo live.

Now is the period 3D characters perform and gather real people in their lives.

The time I came here was just a break time that nothing was held.
It is good to come here and sit down if you are tired of walking.

Great Copslayers

I noticed I had not taken the pictures of Cosplayers and battery of my camera was running out. Σ(゚Д゚)
I started shooting cosplayer in haste.

Spiderman and Something

Found Spiderman and well I forgot!
I know the face of it but my memory failed me.

Cosplayers of Boba Fett

Oh, various types of Boba Fett!

Cosplayer of Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper!

Cosplayer of Cat woman

Cat woman from Batman!
There are other cat woman, too

Cosplayer of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

Cosplayer of Resident Evil

Resident Evil!
I asked him if it is OK to post in my blog in English and he replied me in fluent Japanese, haha ^ ^;

Cosplayer of Avator

She was great in her cosplay of Avatar.
Her costume was great and stood out!

Companion or Cosplayer

Actually I didn’t know what cosplay it is
She might have been a companion of the company.

Cosplayer of Star Wars

Star Wars!
Thanks for great posing!


C-3PO again.
This is the one I found in the line before entrance.

I happened to have a chance to talk the person or stuff who knows well about this C-3PO.
He told me US team brought this C-3PO to Japan for this event.

Surprisingly this C-3PO turns his head and produces that unique sound or language? as well as it moves forward by itself.

Cosplayer of Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is always cool.
He gave me business card, too.

To my surprise, he was the Magician.

I want to see his magic, too!

Cosplayer of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket and Groot

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and Rocket and Groot!
Actually I knew these characters after taking this pictures.
I just thought great cosplay!

Cosplayer of The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
She also stood out in her unique costume that I asked her.

She replied me back with smile, thanks a lot!

Cosplayer of Frog

I have to say I didn’t know this character but he attracted me!


Wow, cool!
I know these characters but I know only the characters.
Maybe from video game or card game?

Anyway they were cool!

Cosplayers of Spiderman and Deadpool

Thanks for nice posing!
Spiderman and Deadpool.
Great combination.

Mascot character of Kagawa's specialty Udon

This is a mascot character of Kagawa’s specialty Udon.
Kagawa Prefecture was proactive!

Thank you very much for all the cosplayers for accepting photo shooting and posting in this blog!
I really had a nice time for taking pictures!


It was great we can also enjoy Comic Con in Japan.
I could see many people from overseas as well as Japanese people in this event.
I also should have listened to the talks of directors.

If you have a chance and are fans of American Comics, I really recommend you this festival.
I’m looking forward to next Tokyo Comic Con in 2017!

Tokyo Comic Con
When : 2 to 4 December 2016
Where : 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba 261-8550
Venue : Makuhari Messe
Ticket Price : Adult : 2000 yen(About $18), Middle and high-school students : 1000 yen(About $9), Free : child below elementary school age, Preview Night : 2200 yen (About $20)
Website :

Atmosphere of Tokyo Comic Con 2016

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