Japanese Shachihoko

What is the Meaning of Shachihoko of Japanese Castle? What for?

Have you ever seen fish-like statue on the top of Japanese castles or old houses? That is called Shachihoko. But…

What is Japanese Religon Shintoism? What's the percentage in Japan?

What is Japanese Religion Shintoism? What’s the percentage in Japan?

You might already know most Japanese don’t have a certain religion. Of course, there are people who believe in God…

Online Drinking Party

Online Drinking Party is now in fashion in Japan!

Now Online Drinking Party is in fashion in Japan due to this COVID-19. I see, enjoy drinking party online instead…

Cherry Blossom in Chidorigafuchi

Beautiful 10 Japanese Anime commercials in YouTube!! They touch our hearts!

There are some beautiful commercials of original and famous anime which collaborated with companies in Japan. It is more like…

Natto (8 Japanese Fermented Foods)

Japanese Fermented Foods: 8 Healthy Diet to Try!!

2019 started and already past few weeks. On New Year, Japanese people enjoy Osechi Ryori, which is a special dishes…

Fukubukuro 2019

Japanese Popular 10 Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2024!!

Already at the end of 2023? Every year time really flies as everyone feels so. What everyone gets, on the…

Bonsai Performance by Masashi Hirao

Visited Saitama WABI SABI Festival 2018

Visited Saitama WABI SABI Festival last week! Literally it’s the festival to enjoy Japanese WABI SABI. Looks like it was…

Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018

Visited Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018 in Tokyo! Biggest Organic Event in Japan!!

If you are interested in organic food, slow life, vegetarian & vegan, etc. this is the event for you. This…

Koala no March

Very Popular Japanese Candies and Snacks! Selected from Japanese point of view!!

Japanese candy or snack is one of the must-try things if you visit Japan! I myself have a sweet tooth,…

Five Needle Pine

The 8th World Bonsai Convention, Saitama City in 2017 Summary

To my surprise, I could enjoy beautiful Bonsai and Karesansui or traditional rock garden even in front of Saitama-Shintoshin station….