Ninendo Classic Mini (Mini Famicom) sold out immediately

Ninendo Classic Mini had an influx of orders

Nintendo Classic Mini had an influx of orders when it first released on 10th November 2016.
It was sold out in a moment and the price went up immediately in an auction market.

Many of retro game fans were looking for it.
I can understand it as it has many great video games of Family Computer in 1980s such as Final Fantasy 3, Megaman 2, Gradius, etc.

I also really into those games in those days.

30 Video Games of Nintendo Classic Mini

So what video games does it hold?

It has 30 video games.
That’s great it includes many popular video games in 1980s.
Following are the all of them.

Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Galaga, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zellda, Atlantis no Nazo, Gradius, Ghosts’n Goblins, Solomon’s Key, Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda II, Tsuppari Ōzumō, Super Mario Bros 3., Ninja Gaiden, Rock Man II (Mega Man II), Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, Double Dragon II, Super Contra, Final Fantasy 3, Dr.Mario, Downtown Nekketsu Kōshinkyoku, Mario Open Golf, Super Mario USA, Kirby’s Adventure.

Size, Weight, Price

Console size is 50.45 cm (H) x 108.12 cm (W) x 142.47 cm (D)
Weight of it is 229g.
Price is 5980 yen (MRP)(Tax excluded)

Useful Function Suspend Point and Analog TV mode

One of the characteristics of it is a save function.
You can save the data anytime during your play by pushing a reset button as “Suspend Point”
You can have this “Suspend Point” 4 times per each video games.

There must have been many players who got shock and cried when the save gone, yes, I was the one of them.
But no need to worry about disappearing of the data anymore.
No need to care about making a long note for the password anymore.

Screen is also optimized to fit in to modern TV screen.
So you can play the video games in clear screen.

It also has Analog TV mode that enable you to play in original analog TV screen like in 1980s.
Actually I like the screen in those days although it is not clear or beautiful like now’s that this is certainly great point.

Amazon Japan Bonus Cards

Amazon Japan sells it with 30 cards of each video games.
This is the limited bonus of Amazon Japan only.

Isn’t it small?

This is “Mini” size of original Family Computer or Nintendo Entertainment System that it is smaller.
You can hold it in one hand.

You might think “Then it must be hard to play if it is that small”.

The answer is I have to say “yes” it might be a bit hard to play.
The size of its controller is 3.5 cm (H) x 8.5 cm (W)
It is a bit small.

But some people say if you play it remembering original “Gameboy”, it is not that hard.

I think it might be just fit to child.

Microphone of controller is just a decoration

If you have ever played Family Computer or NES before, you must have shouted at the controller of 2P as it has a microphone inside.

I would often shouted at it without reason just to kill time when my friend is playing.
But it has also important role as some video games make new items or defeat enemy on the screen if you shout at microphone of the 2P’s controller.
This Nintendo Classic Mini also has a microphone but sadly it is just a decoration that doesn’t work.
Not to shout remembering the days as it makes you a kind of loneliness, haha.


Good point of Nintendo Classic Mini is it has video games of Disc System as well as NES’s such as Zellda and Metroid.
I understand that this has sold out immediately on the day of release as it reminds people who were playing NES in 1980s of the days they were into it.

Now you can buy it from Amazon US here Nintendo Classic Mini.
If you need bonus 30 cards of Japan eBay here Nintendo Classic Mini might be better and you might find the one in good price.

Its classic color of reddish-brown and white color attracts us.
I have to say quality of modern video games and sound is really good compared to the ones in 1980s that I were into it.
It is as if like I was watching the movie rather than playing.

But somehow sometimes I miss that analog screen, sound and its simple story.
Its always interesting to see the process of progress.

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