Went to the Made in Abyss Exhibition!!

Made in Abyss Exhibition (Cradle of Desire)

One of the hot anime in 2022 is Made in Abyss!!

Second season started this year and caught big attention!

The drawings look cute but it actually is grotesque sometimes and the theme is also deep.

This time the exhibition held at the Ikebukuro PARCO!

Not only the exhibition but the cafe of Made in Abyss also opened!

Here I introduce you Made in Abyss Exhibition.

Review of Made in Abyss Exhibition

Made in Abyss Exhibition

Download Audion Guide of Nanachi

Audion Guide of Nanachi

Made in Abyss Exhibition had been holding on the 7th floor of the Ikebukuro PARCO

I bought the ticket in advance.
Ordinary ticket price was about $8.5 (1200 yen) and the ticket with audio guide of Nanachi was about $12 (1700 yen).

Nha, I’m torn

I rarely use audio guide but I decided to use it as I wanted to listen to the guidance by Nanachi!

I thought I can enter instantly as it was on weekday but there were line of people on the stairs from 6th floor to 4th floor.

Made in Abyss is popular as I expected!

Still, it was a specified-time ticket, so I could enter in a couple of minutes.

I downloaded audio guidance of Nanachi at the entrance.

Audion Guide of Nanachi

I could choose from A/B/C but couldn’t find the difference, so I chose A anyway, well, I just followed the person in front of me who chose A.

Praying Skelton

Praying Skelton

I was welcomed by a praying skeleton at the entrance first.

In anime, Riko found it, too.
This praying skeleton is said to be about 2000-year-old

Here was also the point A of audio guidance and I could listen to the voice guidance by Nanachi.

Like this, there is a mark on the wall where you can listen to the guidance by Nanachi.
This is for guidance C, isn’t it.

Audio Guide Point of Nanachi

Other than that, I could read scripts of Made in Abyss although it was not allowed to take a picture.

Special Video

Special Video of Made in Abyss

I could enjoy special video

This video was also not allowed to shoot, so I only took a picture of atmosphere around the video.

The video was battle scene of Reg vs Bondrewd.

Sometimes the anime switched to the original drawings and it was interesting to see it.

It was like I was seeing the process of anime making.

Life-sized Nanachi Figure

Life-sized Nanachi Figure

Life-sized figure of Nanachi had been displaying.

Next to Nanachi was the letters by cave raiders hung under the balloon to deliver for the people living on the ground.

Letters by cave raiders hung under the balloon

Made in Abyss Exhibition is scheduled to hold in Nagoya as well but this life-sized figure is a special display only here in Ikebukuro.

The height is 155cm!
The price is about $3400!!

Well, but the figure of FFVI which was released a couple of months ago was about $10430 (1485,000 yen).

Top of it, life-sized figure of Sophie was about $42150 (6000,000 yen)!!!

Today’s figures seem like they don’t care about the price anymore, just focusing on quality and what they really want to make and I also like this kind of attitude!

Why don’t you purchase it if you are a big fan of Nanachi and have enough space to set it?ナ

Until October 31 2022 you can pre-order and it is delivered in September 2023!

Prushka of Ido Front Arc

Prushka of Ido Front Arc

There was Prushka, too.

Here is the Ido Front Arc, located at the bottom of the 5th layer.

There was even real lab bench although I forgot to take a picture…

They could meet with Meinya here, don’t they.

Like this, you are allowed to take a picture of some storyboards depends on the place.

Storyboards of Made in Abyss

Narehate Village and Narehate

Narehate Village and Narehate

Last spot waiting for me was Narehate Village.

It is on air in anime just now!

You can watch the video here as well.
It’s Faputa!


Energy of Anger is too much!!
The Japanese says “I don’t allow your will”, it’s too rare to incur such hatred from others in life!


Belaf still keeps a kind of form when he was a human.
Nanachi could also meet with Mitty here.


Majikaja is cool when he transforms!


Just seeing Maaa-san locks me in a laughing fit!


Owner of Narehate dining.
Heartful homemade dishes she must serve, well, you can try at the collab. Cafe!

Owner of Narehate dining

Vueko, this is the time when she had been locked in a cave at the edge of the village.


I see Cradle of Desire.
Egg-shaped artifact which grant wishes.

Cradle of Desire
Cradle of Desire

Goods and Souvenior

Last spot is merchandize shop.

Picture board of Made in Abyss on the wall.
It even had the autograph of each voice actors on it!

This is not for sale but fans must really want it!

Picture board of Made in Abyss

Collab. works with other comic writers!

Picture board of Made in Abyss and other comic writers

To my surprise, I could even see collaboration work with Jorge Morikawa of Hajime no Ippo!

Ippo got a punch from Reg.
That’s, illegal punch!

Picture Board of Hajime no Ippo and Made in Abyss

Acrylic Stand Figures and Mini Bromide Collection!

Acrylic Stand Figures and Mini Bromide Collection

These are cooking tools!
If you like camping, you can use them for cooking outside!

Cooking Tools of Made in Abyss

Smell of Nanachi!

This is perfume.
I wanted to try to check the smell!

Smell of Nanachi (Perfume)

It’s like Indiana Jones!

Tapestry of Made in Abyss

“I wanted to buy Kodoshoku”
people around me were talking.

Kodoshoku appears in anime as a portable nutritional energy bar.

This Kodoshoku 5 looked popular and already sold out, I wanted to buy it, too…

 Kodoshoku 5

Summary of Made in Abyss Exhibition

Made in Abyss Exhibition was over but now it’s taking place in Nagoya!!

Popular item at a goods shop was Kodoshoku 5.

After the exhibition, I also went to the collab. cafe!

Here is the article!
Went to Made in Abyss Collab. Cafe!!

It was also great cafe with variety of menu which appeared in Made in Abyss!!

Made in Abyss Exhibition (Ikebukuro)


Venue:Ikebukuro PARCO 7F
Closest Station:Ikebukuro Station (JR Yamanote Line)
Opening Hours : 11:00 – 21:00
Ticket Price:About $8.5 (1200 yen) About $12 (1700yen)(Audion Guide included)
Website (Japanese):https://art.parco.jp/parcomuseum/detail/?id=1040
Website (Japanese):http://miabyss.com/

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