Review of Violet Evergarden Ending! Who did she meet with in the last scene?

Violet Evergarden is really beautiful in both story and animation.

Letters she makes connect people and slip right into the hearts of people.

I think many people were moved and even cried after watching it, yes, I’m no exception.

The last episode especially touched my heart.

Here I explain the final episode of Violet Evergarden with my thoughts and reply to some questions such as if Gulbert is still alive.

※ This article includes a spoiler of anime, so if you want it secret, please come back here again after watching it

Summary and Riview of Ending (Episode 13)

Meeting with Mother of Gilbert allows Violet to accept everything

Air show is held after the signing of peace negotiations between North and South.

People write letters for someone or something special and the letters are falling from the air by plane.

Violet also had the one to write for.
That was Major Gilbert.
But she could not know what to write for him.

Then, she was asked to meet the mother of Gilbert.

Mother tells her its not the fault of Violet that her son Gilbert died.
She says no need to carry the burden for that.

Telling Violet he is still alive in her heart.
Even if it is painful, she will always carry his memories in her heart, she tells.

Because she still loves him.

Violet cries and replies “yes, yes”.

She smiles gently at Violet.

I really sympathized with both of them.

To lose someone special forever is so tough thing.

It is like all the hopes and lights in the world were gone.
You want to die and disappear immediately.

But the person never die as long as you remember.
As long as you remember, the one keeps living forever in your heart.

Remembering someone special is painful, but that means the one is still alive in your heart.

No Order Needed for Violet

Senior brother of Gilbert, Captain Dietfried was the one who invited Violet to see his mother.

He had always had a grudge toward Violet because his brother Gilbert died as she couldn’t protect him.

“You die”, he even said such a thoughtless word toward her.

But when he sees her off, what he said was “Live”

Violet replies to him she needs no order anymore.
She had a gentle but a little sad expression in her face.

Violet had always asked Gilbert of order during the wartime.
She did not know what to do without his order.

But now she could make decisions on her own.
No order was needed for her anymore.

Dietfried was always cold toward her.
He treated her just as a weapon, not a human, in the war.

But in the last moment, he shouted at her calling her name “Violet”.

This was the first time he called her real name.
And Violet herself changed a lot.
She was not a girl who could not make her own decisions anymore.

She says “I no longer need orders”.

Mixed with gentle and a little sad expression in her face when she replies.

Dietfried talked to himself after she was gone.

Gilbert did not treat her as a weapon but as a human.

So she will never lose the important things she received from Gabriel although she lost both arms and master in the war.

Wishes of people falling from the sky

All the people write their wishes including Violet for Air show.

Many people suffered from the war, so many letters would have included hope.

Boss of Violet and President of CH Postal Company, Claudia, also wrote letter to his staff.

It was secret and to be fallen from the sky but Cattleya, one of his staff, found a rough draft he wrote in the garbage can.

She read it in front of other staff members.
It was all about his care about his staff.

Staff to find happiness and fall in love with someone and to be loved by someone in a peaceful world without war.

Like he once said to Violet that she was burning and wounded although she could not notice, many people also have scars which can not be seen by their appearances.

It was so Claudia to wish the world without war.

Letter written by Violet

Violet could not write letter for the air show first but after meeting with mother of Gilbert, she could write.

It was for Gilbert.

She could not understand the last word Gilbert told her.
To know the meaning of “I love you”, she started working as an auto memory doll.

She had no emotions but writing letters of others made her understand feelings.

Touching the hearts of people made her understand emotions.

In the letter she says “Now I can understand the meaning of the word, I love you, just a little”.

She is not a weapon without feelings anymore but a girl who has emotions.

Who did Violet meet in the last scene

In the last scene, she visits a house by the sea.

As always, she introduces herself as a Auto Memory Doll and looks at the person in front.

Then, she looked surprised and smiled a bit.

Who do you think the person she met with?

Client might be Gilbert

One of the possibilities is “Gilbert”.

There are two reasons to support this theory.

In the story, everyone thought Gilbert was dead in the war but no one found his body.
There had been certainly a grave built for him but no body buried under the ground.

Second, Violet says in the letter she wrote for Gilbert “I still believe that you are still alive out there somewhere”.

It might be very little chance but Violet still believes in his survival.

If it was Gilbert, I felt like the reaction of Violet was not very expressive.

But her reaction was certainly for someone she already knew.
And she looked like smiling when she said her name.

She visited the client as a professional Auto Memory Doll, so she might have calmed down even though she was so happy deep inside her heart.

This is just a guess but still, there is a little chance of Gilbert is still alive.

If it’s Gilbert, why he didn’t show up until now?

If the client was Gilbert, why he did not see Violet or family members before?

Claudia is also his best friend to meet.

What I think is his sense of strong guilt.

He came to have a special feeling toward Violet.
She was just a girl first but he came to love her with time.

Actually, he told her “I love you” in the last battle.

He loved Violet.

Violet was still a girl while Gilbert was a mature adult.

There was a big age difference between them, maybe over 10.

He might have felt guilty to love a little girl.
Plus, he was the Major who allowed her to fight in the war after all.
He might felt to stay with her even after the war is not good for her.

If you remember the talk between Gilbert and Claudia, Claudia told Gilbert he was going to start a company, which is CH Postal Company and can hire Violet as a staff.

It was a kind of joke of Claudia but Gilbert murmured that it might be good at the time.

He also asked Claudia to take care of Violet if something happened to him.

So it was OK for Gilbert not to stay with her after the war as he had a best friend he can fully trust.

All the answers are in the movie in 2020

And now the movie of Violet Evergarden is scheduled to release in 2020.

It was scheduled to release on 24 April but was held over because of coronavirus.

When I was walking inside Ikebukuro station in late April, I found the advertisement of the movie of Violet Evergarden (Following picture of Instagram).

It said “coming soon”.

Now Tokyo is under the state of emergency (I write this article on 20 May), so all the movie theaters are shut but maybe after it is lifted and calmed down, it will be released.

In the movie, we’ll know if Gilbert is still alive or not.

In the advertisement, I could see the words “Last letter for beloved one”.

Last letter it said.

I don’t know what it means exactly but I’m going to watch it.

Summary of Violet Evergarden





Violet Evergarden was made by Kyoto Animation.
Same animation studio of “A Silent Voice”.

I always have to respect the works by Kyoto Animation.
Very beautiful and to the details paid attention.

There is a time you can not tell your thoughts face to face.
There are words only letters can convey your feelings.

Works of Auto Memory Dolls are not just writing but to read feelings of which even the client can not notice.

Scooping up invisible feelings into the shape of letters is the job of Auto Memory Dolls.

Violet Evergarden


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