Tokyo Olympics: BBC misunderstood Gundam for Transformer!

Upper Body of Unicorn Gundam

Today is the final day of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

And a couple of days ago, a comment BBC made for Sport Climbing got a big attention.

BBC Tweet Transformers at Sport Climbing

On 5th August, a comment BBC made got a big attention.

BBC Tweeted a robot shot in the back of climber at Sport Climbing as Transformers.

It was “Unicorn Gundam”, actually. (;^_^

I never imagined there were people who misunderstood Gundam for Transformers although they were both born in Japan.

But thanks to them, I also understood that Gundam was only famous in Japan and among those fans of Japanese anime and manga in overseas.

Certainly, Transformers are well known even to the ordinary people who are not that interested in manga and anime worldwide.

Reaction of Japanese People on Tweet of Transformer by BBC

How Japanese people reacted to the Tweet of BBC?

It was fun to check and I sometimes felt like I understand their reviews.

Here, I introduce the comments of Japanese people.

“Transformers are far more famous in overseas, so if someone not interested in it comment forcibly, it’ll be so”

I also understand it.
Transformers even became movie in US.

“Not Transformers, That’s Gyandam, Gyandam”

That’s not Gyandam, either (笑)

“Not Giant Robo?”

Giant Robo is older than Gandum!

“I see, certainly Gundam Unicorn also transforms”

That’s true!
It transforms into destroy mode!
Both of them transform!

“Got angry in destroy mode”

Oh, certainly it is destroy mode now!
Gundam Unicorn is serious!

“We’d like to give a special right to climb Gundam Unicorn for a gold medalist, don’t we”

Nice idea!!
If the gold medalist is a big fan of Gundam, it’ll be such a great gift!

“On the contrary, I felt the word Transformers spread that much now”

Looks like he felt even Transformes are not famous in overseas.
When it comes to Transformers, I felt that’s famous like Godzilla.

“My grand father called Macross, Dagram, etc., all of them as Gundam”

Seems like every robot looks like Gundam to our grand father generation, too.

“That’s same as our parents called PlayStation, Nintento 64, etc., all of them as Famicon (Family Computer) when we were kids”

Same as the remark of Gundam by Grand father.
They have not big difference to parents.

“Gundam is from Japanese anime and Transformers from Japanese toy maker
Both made in Japan”

I see, certainly, they are both made in Japan.
The difference is how they were made first.

“Transformers which was born in Japan and brought up in US and native Japanese Gundam
Thanks to misunderstanding, connection made among each fans”

This is a good misunderstanding which created bridge.

“Stop BBC! Beyond this, war awaits. Don’t open the box of Laplace in Otaku World!

This box of Laplace appears in the story of Gundam Unicorn!
It might war among Otaku!

“This Gundam appeals Japan better than low-quality opening ceremony”

Gundam certainly appealed Japan!

What is life-sized Gundam?

Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

This Gundam Unicorn was made in 2017 in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Odaiba is located in Tokyo Bay area and one of the spots of Tokyo Olympics.

It is 19.7 meters in height and the weight is 49t.

Before this Gundam Unicorn, there was original Gundam.

And the original Gundam (RX-78F00) made again in 2020 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Surprising point of this Gundam is it even moves.

Gundam Unicorn can not move but transforms into break mode.
Break mode is the serious fighting mode which brings out the full potential of it.

What you could see on Twitter of BBC was break mode.

Every several ours, it changes into break mode.

I made YouTube video with articles of life-sized Gundam Unicorn and Original Gundam before here.

Full Scale Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba Day & Night Show

Last Day of Life Size Gundam in Tokyo Day and Night Ver.

Summary of Tweet of Transformers by BBC

Upper Body of Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

I’m not sure if they made a mistake on purpose or not, maybe not on purpose for this, I think.

Anyway, thanks to BBC, Gundam became a bit famous now.

If you have a chance to visit Japan, check Gundam Unicorn in Odaiba.

Moving Gundam in Yokohama, Kanagawa is also impressive!

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