Sushi Cat Keychain and Display? Nya-ta is Kawaii but Quality Figure

Neko Zushi Nya-ta Neko Zushi Nya-ta Keychain

Unique Idea

When I first looked at this figure of Neko Zushi I was very impressed.

Yes, I know there is a boom of Cat (Neko) in Japan right now.
I could see many cat shop or cat cafe or cat movie in daily life. Sushi is also famous now globally.

But who could imagine mixing these completely different things.

Not only that fish on rice is form of sushi but that fish is cat’s favorite and eaten by cat. Instead of eating fish they (cats) themselves sit right on the position of fish. Cat on sushi, what a idea!


What I was impressed is not only this unique idea but its quality.
Yes, it is certainly lovely just to see cat on sushi but if you look closer you can find these cat figures are made down to the details like real cat.

I feel spirit of maker that  don’t finish this figure just as Kawaii symbol.


Story is also very unique.

Their existence is still veiled in mystery but it seems that they have been appearing in this world since ancient times.
But actually I’ve never seen them in my life or maybe so most of people do.


It says the chance of encounter with Neko zushi is all depends on our state of minds.
They usually use gaps for appearing but there are not many gaps or poses in modern fast life. Most of us don’t have enough time for pose or to see gaps and that makes harder to find sushi cat. I might see them when I could have a room to swing a cat.

How to enjoy

There are two types of Neko Zushi. One is display type with paper dish and the other is key chain type.

For Neko Zushi Nya-ta Display literally you can enjoy them as display in your office or room.

For Neko Zushi Nya-ta Key Chain you can hang it on your mobile, porch and bag, etc wherever you want. You are sure to attract people’s attention.

You can buy them here in eBay, too!
※There are also many fake ones, so please check them carefully (authentic one sold at an official store is about $3.5 per piece)


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