Godzilla Minus One Ending Review and Explained!

Godzilla Minus One

Box office of Godzilla -1.0 exceeded one hundred million dollars.

I watched the movie 2 times at a theater.

There were some parts I myself felt like what was going in the middle and at the ending.

Especially many people including me wondered what was mark on Noriko’s neck.

I introduce some mystery parts of Godzilla -1.0 here.

※ This article includes spoiler so come visit again if you haven’t watched the movie and don’t want to know the story

Absence of U.S Army

It is claimed that the U.S. military does not appear in the film in order to avoid provoking the Soviet Union, with whom relations have deteriorated sharply at the time.

I think the director wanted Godzilla to be beaten by the power of public, or Civilian volunteers, mostly ex-servicemen of the former Japanese Navy in the movie, not by Japanese government or U.S Army.

There are some opinions that say it is unrealistic or unreasonable.
That might certainly be true.

In reality, The U.S. military, which had swelled to 12 million at the end of the war, was reduced to 1.5 million in 1948.

And the set of this movie was 1947, it was in the midst of a major disarmament.

It might also have been necessary to make a difference from Shin Godzilla which was a movie almost exclusively about the Japanese government and the Self-Defense Forces.

Why Shinden was used instead of Zero Fighter?

Fighter Shikishima used was not Zero Fighter which he used to but Shinden.

This Shinden was the fighter developed by squeezing out every last bit of Japanese strength for the sole purpose of shooting down U.S. B-29.

Although the first prototype fighter just flew a total of 45 minutes and Japan lost the war after that in reality.

High-speed, high-altitude performance fighter compared to Zero Fighter is was, actually,

If his mission was just leading Godzilla to the waters off Sagami Bay, it might have been an unnecessary fighter for Shikishima as it doesn’t demand him high-speed or high altitude.

But his real mission was to beat Godzilla.

His real goal was to beat Godzilla by driving a bomb-laden fighter jet into the mouth of Gozilla.

That was what is known as Kamikaze attack.

Zero Fighter can not fly around carrying heavy bombs at such high speed.

With its propellers in the rear, the Shinden was also able to concentrate its firepower in the front, and as a result, it was able to destroy Gozilla effectively.

Black Mark on Noriko’s Neck

When Godzilla appeared in Ginza and destroyed everything using the anomic breath, Noriko was thought to have been died in the chaos but was not.

Shikishima could meet with Noriko at a hospital.

It was a great moment except for one thing.

She had a black mark like bruise on her neck.

What is it?

Considering the situation she was involved in, she might have been suffered from some level of radiation sickness.

Godzilla’s anomic breath contains radiation in it.
We could actually see black rain pouring after the anomic breath in the movie.

She might have been exposed to radiation and that black mark was the sign.

Or it might have some other meaning.

Chunk of Godzilla

In the last scene, chunk of body part of Godzilla was sinking deep into the sea.

It was certainly alive.

Godizilla could regenerate it is body if it was not so serious damage.

This time it was serious damage but the body part was certainly alive.

If I bring the subject in our real world, director told “I want to make the sequel”.

Added “let’s ask Toho (Distributor of Godzilla film) together!”


Godzilla Minus One

Before I watch this Godzilla -1.0, my image of Godzilla was always fighting except for Shin Godzilla.

I still had a strong memory of the movies of Godzilla I watched when I was a child.

But after I watched this movie, my image of Godzilla changed a lot.

I was moved.

Not only the battle but there was a story.

Godzilla was a metaphor.

It might be stupidity of humans or power of nature which has no mercy or good and evil.

Still people come together and resist even in despair.
Even if you run away once, you can get up again.

Thanks to talking with the director himself last year, I felt like I could partly touch how much passion and thoughts he put into this Godzilla -1.0.

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