Japanese Zodiac 2024 Predictions! Year of Dragon!!

Year of the Dragon 2024

Every year, we have a certain animal which represents the year in Japan.

That is called Eto (干支), or Japanese Zodiac Signs.

Everyone has their own animal among 12 animals depends on the year they were born.

Let’s look at this Eto in 2024!!

What is the Year of Dragon? What’s the Meaning?

Image of the Year of the Dragon

2024 is the Year of the Dragon (辰年) in Japan.

Year of the Dragon is said to be the year of vigorous vitality and great growth because the flow of the energy of yang moves and all things vibrate.

And the dragon’s ascent to the heavens has been considered auspicious in China since ancient times as a symbol of success and development.

In the Year of the Dragon, big conflicts or war happened in Japan.

Boshin War which was the battle between the former Shogunate and the new government’s forces happened in 1868.

The Russo-Japanese War was occurred in 1904.

Bloody May Day Incident in which protesters and police clashed, killing and injuring 1500 people was in 1952.

All of them was occurred in the Year of the Dragon.

I wrote only negative incidents above but there were positive incidents in the Year of the Dragon as well.

Tokyo Olympics was held in 1964 for the first time in Japan.
The Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train also started their service in the same year.

In 1988, Seikan Tunnel which connects Aomori Prefecture and Hokkaido opened to traffic.
Tokyo Dome also opened in the same year.

Like that, many major events occurred in both positive way and negative way.
It is as if Dragon is shaking the air and our world.

Personality and Character

Image of the Year of the Dragon

All the animals in Japanese Zodiac Signs also symbolize the character and personality of those who were born in the year.

People born in the year of the dragon are said to be active and they experience many encounters with other people.

They are also do things at their own pace and go their own way.

They do not hold on to unpleasant feelings and have an open and honest personality.

Because of their generous nature, they are often asked to take on leadership roles or they actively take a leadership role.

That’s the character of the Year of the Dragon.

It is something like horoscope, so not always true, I think.

Still, I have to say my year Monkey certainly represents lots of my character.

Lucky Elements

Image of Lucky Elements of the Year of the Dragon

There are auspicious things which bring you happiness and success for every Japanese Zodiac Signs.

What kind of things bring those who were born in the Year of the Dragon bring happiness and success?

Followings are the key things.

  • ・Lucky Number : 1 , 6, 7 (and numbers including these numbers such as 16)
  • ・Lucky Day : 1 and 16 (Lunar Calendar)
  • ・Lucky Color : Gold, Silver and Grayish white
  • ・Lucky Flower : Bleeding glory-bower, Dragon Flower
  • ・Auspicious Direction : East, South, North

Zodiac Signs most compatible with the Year of the Dragon

Image of the Year of the Dragon

Each Zodiac Signs has compatible signs each other.

What Zodiac Sign is most most compatible with the Year of the Dragon?

Year of the Rat, Year of the Monkey and Year of the Rooster are the most compatible.

If you were born in the year above, you can get along with those who were born in the Year of the Dragon.

And if you were born in the Year of the Dragon, check Japanese Zodiac Signs of people you are close to around you now.

They might be Rat, Monkey or Rooster!

Of course, this is also just a guess like horoscope.


Japanese New Year's Card of Dragon 2024

Actually, only this Dragon is the imaginary creature, not animal, in Japanese Zodiac Signs.


Nobody knows, actually.

Or its original roots Chinese Zodiac Signs might have the answer.

Anyway, I like Dragon like many of you and there are many shrines associated with dragons, such as the one in which the Dragon Goddess is enshrined in Japan.

1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012 are Year of Dragon.

If you were born in the Year of Dragon, this 2024 might become the year of change, opportunity and success.

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