Hitori’s Fuwafuwa Purepure Miracle Kyun Omelet Rice of Bocchi the Rock! × TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando

Went to Bocchi the Rock! × TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando

I recently visited the collaboration cafe of Bocchi the Rock! I lost the lottery once (because all the days I…

Tokyo Night View

Is Tokyo dangerous at night? Answer from my experience as a Japanese!

Is Tokyo dangerous at night? I’m Japanese and many times spent night in Tokyo, so I can explain if it’s dangerous or not here.

DESIGN FESTA vol.50 2019

Went to DESIGN FESTA Tokyo 50 (2019 Autumn)! It was an exiting event!!

Went to DESIGN FESTA for the fist time in a while, maybe decade. DESIGN FESTA is the largest art event…

Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018

Visited Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2018 in Tokyo! Biggest Organic Event in Japan!!

If you are interested in organic food, slow life, vegetarian & vegan, etc. this is the event for you. This…

Cat Statues at Gotokuji Temple

Visited Lucky Cat Temple Gotokuji in Tokyo!!

Do you like cat? If so, I recommend you to visit Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo. It is, I think, most…

Matcha Desserts of Nakamura Tokichi

Best 10 Matcha Cafes in Tokyo! Matcha Desserts are Must-Try!!

Source : Instagram Matcha is now very popular worldwide. Matcha was not so popular when I was a little child…


What is Dorayaki? All about Dorayaki in Japan!

I think most Japanese reminds that blue cat-like robot when they hear Dorayaki. Yes, Doraemon! Favorite anime of child! I…

The Whales of August (Hachigatsu no Kujira)

Movie Themed Cocktail Bar The Whales of August (Hachigatsu no Kujira) in Tokyo

Have you ever heard of a bar which makes any drink to the taste of your favorite movie? There is…