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※What I write about here might includes some spoilers so if you are like “no spoilers”, please watch real anime of Psycho-Pass instead and I’m glad if you come back here and keep reading again


Psycho-Pass is set in 2112.
The Sibyl System (Shibyura Shisutemu) is actively measuring the populace’s mental states, personalities, and the probability that individuals will commit crimes, using a “cymatic scan” of the brain. The resulting assessment is called a Psycho-Pass (Saikopasu?). When the probability of a person engaging in crimes measured by the Crime Coefficient (Hanzaikeisū) index exceeds a certain level in an individual, he or she is pursued, apprehended, and killed if necessary.

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Characteristic of Psycho-Pass

I can say I watched very good and thought-provoking anime for the first time in a while.

What I like most about this Psycho-pass is there is no rescue or mercy that most anime has.
When hero or good guy was in a big trouble there is always someone who comes to rescue them at the last minute.
Or there is always divine punishment for those committed crime in the end.
Most anime has always rescue and savior.
It’s just because everyone wishes so.
No one feel happy when hero or good person was barbarously killed without any rescue by a coldhearted murderer.

But if we see our lives that’s not like peaceful anime even if we wish peaceful life.
Everyday innocent people are killed by coldhearted murderer.
And no divine punishment of same level even if they caught or some people die before being caught.
Of course some people might receive same level of divine punishment but that’s a part of them.
If you ask me they don’t receive same level of punishment even if they were sentenced to death or life imprisonment.
The deed they did is more than that and whether they get the penalty those being killed never come back.

This is my private opinion but good people is rescued and bad people receive divine punishment is just a private wish of human being.
Because we can’t live this too ruthless and unequal world without thinking like that.

For this anime all those kind of superficial private emotions and wishes were removed and it is true to real that sometimes it might be grotesque or no mercy.

So I can’t recommend people who like a happy story and ending.
But I also really recommend this anime at the same time to everyone even if it is a bit bloody anime because it makes us think what is life and what is justice.

Actually when I watched all the episodes it reminds me of The Giver by Lois Lowry.
It was all about what is happiness.
Controlled by big power and no one feels fear or terror rather feel happy in the world.
Instead they don’t know war, sadness, pain, etc.

Proverb says ignorance is bliss.

World of Psycho-pass is like that.
To avoid danger, to create safe society, it is controlled and ruled by Shibyura system.
And Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kougami, Nobuchika Ginoza, etc are the people who catches latent criminals.

And there Seigo Makishima, psycho-pass.
Shibyura system that rule the world, Inspectors and Enforcers that follow the latent criminals, Seigo Makishima that plots destruction of the world of Shibyura system, the world of Psycho-pass going on involving all the plots and presents a harsh reality in front of them.

The words made me think

There are too many things to tell about this anime so I focused on only some words made me think in this anime.

“It is very heavy, tough suffering but now I think that to be able to suffering might be very happy thing”

Akane Tsukimori was remembering her friend that lost her life and she was in the suffering from many things through her job and her world under the Shibyura system.

She tells above words “to be able to suffering might be very happy thing” in her mind to her friend who lost her life.

I thought this is really true.
Of course she was never happy in her suffering from all those things.
Rather she was really suffering.

But still I can understand the words even worrying or suffering themselves are not very happy thing if we give it a deeper thought.

Of course everyone doesn’t like suffering or worrying and if possible we never want to suffer anything whole our lives.
And I know here Akane Tsukimori is not saying that we are lucky enough to have plenty of time to spare for suffering or worrying about private matters while others are not.
Everyone including me want to free from suffering and it will be very happy life if there are no worries.

But we can suffer or worry and be able to suffering or worrying themselves might be very happy thing even though it is not happy and terrible thing.
We just don’t notice by capturing the suffering and worrying themselves.
The more heavy it gets, the more distracted we become.

We might keep suffering and worrying about something whole our lives but it is the life and a happy thing, the way we live is precious thing.

“It is not the law that protects us but we do protect the law”

Shinya Kougami asked Tsunemori Akane the reason why she keep insisting on capturing Seizo Makishima alive under the law when the law can’t judge the criminal and protect its people properly.

She told him “It is not the law that protects us but we do protect the law”
“There are people that hate vice and seek out a righteous way of living, the accumulation of their thoughts that’s the law”
“For all the prayers of the people who seek out the better world, we have to protect it to the best we can, we should never give up until the end”

Kougami replied.
“When the day comes on which everyone think like that, Shibyura system will disappear and enforcers, latent criminals, too”

Akane Tsunemori lost her friend but still keeps saying not to kill Makishima.

This is my opinion but I think to Akane Tsukimori, killing makishima means deny of human being and their possibility without Shibyura system.

She is not saying just protecting the law as a rule or as a morale but people can think and have goodwill that makes the law.
It is the law created by the people themselves on their own with all the thoughts.

“After this, will you able to find a replacement for me, Kougami?”

Makishima Shinzo told Kougami just before gotten shot.

This made me think that’s true.
Makishima was the revenge of his best colleague and he was chasing Makishima whole his life until then.
To hand down judgement or revenge is the very reason he lives.

It might be similar to a rival in sport or any other field.
It is completely different for this case but the essence of it is actually same.

When you lost someone suddenly whose back you were chasing and reaching whole your life.
Whether he is enemy or rival when you lost your very reason to fight and live suddenly.
Makishima’s word got to the heart of the matter.

Kougami told back “Never again”.


There are many parts, theme and story I didn’t introduce here.
But I thought this anime is really focus on essence of psycho of humanity without glamorizing.

Everyone wishes peace and happiness.
But when all of us were under desperate situation that costs our lives or costs our belief?

What is real happiness?

The things it handles are not only things in this anime but also things in our real society.
To me it seems that it casts us question about living in this world.

Ignorance is bliss, it still keeps me wondering what is happiness.

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