8 Popular Souvenir at Ghibli Museum Gift Shop 2019! Including Limited Items!

Souvenir of Ghibli Museum

I’ve been to Ghibli Museum in Mitaka for the first time in, maybe, 18 years!

There is a gift shop called MAMMA AIUTO inside and this shop was also popular, so there is a long line when you buy souvenir.

I also lined up and bought some souvenirs this time but I wondered like “which one is good?”.
In the end, I asked the staff directly.

You can not take a picture inside (Both museum and shop) so I introduce popular souvenirs including limited ones from the pictures of what I bought back and others’ Twitter or Instagram.

Asked staff in MAMMA AIUTO of popular and limited souvenir

You can see various kinds of souvenir once you enter Ghibli Museum.

So many that you would be like “Well, which one is good?”.
But the thing is heart, still I want to use it as a last resort that I try my best to consider what makes others happier when they receive gifts.

And there is also a specialty shop called “Donguri Kyowakoku (Republic)” which deals with many Ghibli items so actually there is also a possibility of you can buy the gifts at other shops in Tokyo without coming all the way to this Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

So it can not be like “Items in MAMMA AIUTO = Items sold only here”.

By the way, shop’s name “MAMMA AIUTO” is coming from Air pirate “MAMMA AIUTO” of “Porco Rosso”.
MAMMA AIUTO is Italian which means “Help me, Mom”.
Nice naming!

I wannna buy souvenirs which I can buy only here.
But I could not tell the difference of limited ones and ordinary ones that I asked the staff directly.

Me : “Are there items here I can buy even at the other shops of Ghibli?”
Staff : “Yes, there are items you can buy at other shops, too”

Me : “What kind of items do you have for limited or popular ones?”
Staff : “People often buy Emblem Cookies and this is limited at this shop here”

I see, Cookies are good for souvenir!

“Stand of the Robot Soldier, which is displayed over there, is also limited item and people often buy”
She told me.

Stand of the Robot Soldier, actually I was also curious about it.
I usually do not buy souvenir for myself but now I’m getting to want it.

“Limited items have limited tag or marks with it”
She told me.

It is not written like limited in Japanese or in English but we can tell from the tag card attached to the items.

Emblem Cookies (About $15.5 including tax) (1728 yen)

Emblem Cookies

The cookies the staff told me “Those who come our store often buy” is this Emblem Cookies.
(As I bought the cookies for souvenir that inside is picture from others’ Twitter)

The cookies had been displayed right in front of the entrance that I thought this must be popular.

“Is this limited cookies in this museum?”
I ask.

“Yes, this is limited cookies in Ghibli Museum”
She replied.

Inside are 5 types of cookies: Almond Cookies, Cocoa Cookies, Black Sesame Cookies, Maple Cookies and Tea Cookies.

I bought 2 of them for souvenir.

One is for friend with a child and he told me the cookies were very cute.
It was good I chose this cookies!

The design of the cookies was also good.
You can see pictures of Totoro on the edge, too.

Expired date is about 3 months and 2 weeks.
I recommend it to those who you can not see them right away but can see within 3 months.

That’s good point that children can also enjoy the cookies for the cute designs.
Although there might be children who say “Too cute to eat!”.

Neko (Cat) Bin Candies (About $7.5 including tax) (842 yen)

Neko (Cat) Bin Candies
Neko (Cat) Bin Candies

The candies displayed right next to Emblem Cookies are Neko (Cat) Bin Candies
This is also limited item at this shop.

They say this is Handmade.

So every shape is a bit different although they look same.

Candy of Makkuro Kurosuke (Pitch-black Blackie) is cute, isn’t it.

You might notice the colors are bright like, orange, pink, blue, etc.
I was a bit worried about artificial coloring.
So I checked just in case.

Cape jasmine, elderberry, paprika pigment, turmeric, etc.
All food coloring are derived from natural products.

Ghibli sell souvenir that take children into consideration, don’t they!

So I bought one!

Card Stand of Robot Soldier (About $6.5 ~ including tax) (714 yen)

Card Stand of Robot Soldier
Card Stand of Robot Soldier

“This card stand of Robot Soldier is limited and people often buy”
I was told so and actually I was curious about it before being told.

The appearance is, sort of good!

There is also jewelry tray of Robot Soldier other than this card stand of Robot Soldier.
Right next to it was figure of Tales from Earthsea, too

I was not going to buy souvenir for myself but, well, it also might be good for a present.
Either way I was curious about it that I bought it finally.
The price was about $9 (1026 yen) including tax.

They say this Card Stand of Robot Soldier and jewelry tray of Robot Soldier have gimmick of turning its head when you put the arms up and down.
I did not know that, that’s a good surprise after purchasing.

Silhouette Stand (About $14.5 ~ including tax) (1620 yen)

I was a bit torn whether or not to buy this Silhouette Stand

This silhouette stand of Kiki’s Delivery is sort of good!
Gigi is hanging on to Kiki.

Tsumaranumono (Japanese inscribed in bat)、is also good
Tsumaranu means boring and mono is thing or object.

But what character is it from?


Stained glass-style Post Card (About $6 ~ including tax) (648 yen)

Post Card is also beautiful.
I was wondering if I should buy this, too.

As it’s a post card, it is also practical.
But I feel like most people don’t use it actually and display in the room.
Must be look very beautiful when displayed by the window and the sun shines through it.

There are also several types such as Totoro and Kiki’s delivery, etc.

Tabishita (About $11.5 ~ including tax) (1296 yen) (26cm ~ 29cm)



This Tabishita was made by the collaboration of Ghibli and SOU SOU, which is Wa style brand of Kyoto.

Tabi is Japanese style socks used especially in the old days and Kutushita is Japanese name of Socks.
So Tabishita is combination of Tabi and Socks.

Pop design is cute.
At first, I thought this was a design of sheep or something but was not.
It was Makkuro Kurosuke (Pitch-black blackie).

There are 2 patterns of Makkuro Kurosuke and Totoro.
For children, there are sizes from 13 cm to 16 cm as well.

This Tabishita might be a good Japanese souvenir.

Paper Balloon of Makkuro Kurosuke (Pitch-black blackie) (About $2 ~ including tax) (257 yen)

Makkuro Kurosuke (Pitch-black blackie), is poplular.

This is Paper balloon that you can play with it.
Child can enjoy!

Other than that, you can hang it from the ceiling at shop or house as a interior decoration.

Maker of this paper ballon is Isono Kamifusen Seizojyo in Niigata Prefecture.
This is the only paper balloon maker in Japan and they have been making the balloons since 1919.

Beer of the valley of wind (About $15.5 including tax) (1728 yen)

This Beer of the valley of wind is not sold at MAMMA AIUTO but you can buy at cafe of Ghibli Museum, Cafe Mugiwara Boushi.

And You need to drink at the cafe as you can not bring it back.
So that means you can bring back empty bottle of beer.

By the way, this Cafe Mugiwara Boushi is popular so you need to line up if you enjoy meals.
I gave up this time as there were many people waiting in front of the cafe but might be worth it for this Beer of the valley of wind.

They say it is made from Organic barley and natural water from Mt. Fuji and Hakone.

I don’t like alcohol very much but I’m curious about this beer!


Cafe of Ghibli Museum (Image for Summary)

I had a good time at Ghiblie Museum!

This time, actually my friend gave me the ticket for free.
It is just a present, he said, doesn’t need money and refused to receive that I bought souvenir instead.

Personally I recommend you to buy Emblem Cookies or Neko (Cat) Bin Candies if you are torn to choose!

There is a possibility of left to the end if you buy “Thing” as each person has different tastes.
If you buy different taste of thing to the person, it’ll be a kind of burden as he or she can not easily throw away because it is a gift from you.

For food, it disappears and nothing left after.
Still chose another item if the one don’t like sweets.

What I found in common in the souvenirs I introduced here is that Handmade by craftsman, quality ingredients or materials, have heart of makers in them.

Ghibli was Ghibli even to the souvenir.

And I forgot to see Robot Soldier on the top!! T T
Maybe next time.

Ghibli Museum in Mitaka
Address : 1-1-83 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo
Closest Station : Mitaka Station(JR Chuo Line)(About 15 minutes from South Exit)
Ticket : 1000 yen (Adult・University or College student)・700 yen (High School or Junior High School Student)・400 yen(Elementary School Student)・100 yen (Infant)
Business Hours : 10:00 – 18:00
Holidays : Friday (There is a case of long holiday depends on the year so please check official website)
Website : http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/

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