Chibi Maruko Chan and Cute Doughnuts of Floresta

Chibi Maruko Chan is a relaxing and comical anime.
I used to watch it when I was little.
Chibi means small in Japanese and Maruko is the main character of the anime.
Maruko is 3rd grade at elementary school and this anime is all about Maruko’s daily life in her school, family, etc.
All the characters in Chibi Maruko Chan have a strong individuality that makes this anime very fun.
Lately Chibi Maruko Chan Doughnut sells at some stores for a limited time that I went the shop to buy it.
I show you pictures in the latter half of this article.

Unique Characters

  • Maruko or Maru-chan
    Maruko is 9 years old who goes to elementary school.
    Maruko’s motif is the author Momoko Sakura herself.
    Easygoing character and do things at her own pace.
    She sometimes has nice comeback but often being scolded by her mother.
  • Hiroshi Sakura
    Maruko’s father.
    Irresponsible character.
    Often get drunk.
    Like Maruko, he is also easygoing and do things at his way.
  • Tomozou Sakura
    Maruko’s grandfather.
    Very nice and kind to Maruko.
    Always stands by her.
    But sometimes get scolded by family for cooperating Maruko’s silly action.
  • Tama-chan
    Maruko’s best friend.
    She is high achiever at school and gentle to others.
    But sometimes strict with her father.
    Like Maruko’s grandfather Tomozou, she is also involved in silly action of Maruko’s often.
  • Maruo-kun
    His signature phrase is “Exactly speaking” or “Frankly speaking”.
    When he tries to hit the right answer with confidence, he starts telling adding this phrase first.
    He is a square person but sometimes makes rude remarks without thinking that irritates friends in the class.
  • Hanawa-kun
    He is a boy in rich family.
    He likes to show off and often uses certain phrases such as hey, baby,etc.
    But he treats friends equally and a kind of lovable character.
  • Hamaji
    He always do silly things and produce a lot of laughs.
    Popular person in the class.
    Tag of Maruko and Hamaji is very fun.
  • Nagawawa-kun
    Onion head and a bit mean character.
    Dark character, too.
    But what he says is often hitting to the point.
  • Fujiki kun
    Dark and most negative character in this anime.
    He has been with Nagasawa-kun a lot.
    Although Nagawa-kun tells a bad name of him because of his negative character, he has still been with Nagasawa-kun.
    Somehow their communication is comical and makes us laugh.
  • Noguchi-san
    Very dark character and doesn’t have a much of presence.
    But she is a big fan of comedy and approaches the people from behind if they talk about comedy or comical things.
    Maruko also thinks she is hard to approach first but came to get along with her since she knew Nouguchi-san is a big fan of comedy.

Movie of Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko Chan became movie in 2015.
Maruko’s family hosts a boy from Italy for his homestay.
It was by the request of her friend Hanawa-kun.
6 foreign students come visit the town of Shimizu where Maruko lives.
Maruko and other families of Maruko’s friends host each of them.
They also joins class and go out to Osaka and Kyoto with Maruko and her friends.
The script is written by the author of Chibi Maruko Chan Momoko Sakura herself.

Doughnuts of Chibi Maruko Chan are sold at Floresta

I happened to know now Chibi Maruko Chan’s doughnuts are sold at some stores for a limited time.
So I just went out to the shop before the time ends.
The shop is Floresta and it is a chain shop that sells doughnuts in Japan.
Floresta focusing on eco-friendly way that what they use is organically grown and domestic ingredients as best as they can.
They cut down on unnecessary packages and don’t use chemical detergents when they wash kitchenware.
The doughnut you can buy differs on the period you visit the store.
From 13th to 18th of January you can buy Maruko-nyan (Maruko Cat) or Tama-nyan (Tama-chan Cat)
From 19th to 24th of January you can buy Maruko-nyan (Maruko Cat) or Maruo-nyan (Maruo-kun Cat)
From 25th to 31th of January you can buy Maruko-nyan (Maruko Cat) or Noguchi-nyan (Noguchi-san Cat)
All the doughnuts having cat ears.
Each doughnuts has different taste, too.
The store I visited is Kouenji shop in Tokyo.
I could see doughnuts of Maruko and Noguchi-san.
Doughnut of Chibi Maruko Chan at Floresta
This is certainly cute.
Next to Chibi Maruko Chan’s doughnuts were doughnuts of other animals.
Doughnut of frog and cat at Floresta
Green one is frog and next to it is cat.
These are cute doughnuts, too.
Anyway what I buy this time is doughnuts of Chibi Maruko Chan, shouldn’t be distracted by others.
But I was momentarily intimidated by the price of it.
450 yen, that is, about $4 for a doughnut! > <
I can buy 4 doughnuts at mister doughnut.
But I convinced myself saying this is certainly unique doughnut and what they use is quality ingredients.
It must have costed a lot to make these doughnuts.
And I bought Maruko-nyan and Noguchi-nyan after all.
After coming back, I tried both of them.
This is Maruko-nyan.
Doughnut of Maruko-nyan at Floresta
Yes, certainly cute.
It is milk flavor.
Inside is like this.
You can see nuts inside.
Doughnut of Maruko-nyan at Floresta
Outside was a bit crispy by the coating of milk chocolate.
Taste is, yes good taste, simple doughnut with milk chocolate.
Crunchy nuts inside had nice texture, too.
Next one is Noguchi-nyan.
Doughnut of Noguchi-nyan at Floresta
Haha, I like this face of Noguchi-san.
This is black sesame chocolate flavor.
This is inside
Doughnut of Noguchi-nyan at Floresta
I think I like this flavor of black sesame.
I can feel the taste of black sesame and it goes well with doughnut.
This also had nuts inside.
I like both doughnuts and I wanted to try other doughnuts, too such as Mauo-kun or Tama-chan although it has already been finished.
Floresta sells cute animal doughnuts such as flog, cat, etc even after Chibimaruko Chan Doughnuts that have a try if you have a chance to visit the shop.

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Doughnuts of Chibi Maruko Chan from Floresta
Source : Floresta

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