Summary and Ending of Wolf Children (Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Wolf Children (Okami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Wolf Children or おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (Okami Kodono no Ame to Yuki) in Japanese by Mamoru Hosoda was released in 2012.

It was a beautiful, touching story.

I think you can relate to Hana (main character) and how she feels especially if you have a little child.

I also bought comics these days and found that manga was also great.

Here I introduce you the summary of Wolf Children and the ending.

Short Summary of Wolf Children

Hana was a student in a university and noticed that a man who always attended in the same class.

Actually, he was not a student, he just attended the class as he wanted to study.

So he didn’t have a text that she decided to share her text with him.

They attracted to each other with time.

One day, he asked her why her name is Hana.

She told that her father gave her name with a wish that she would grow up smiling like Hana (Flower in Japanese).

Even at a hard time, keep smiling and you can get over most of the cases, her father told.

She smiled even at her father’s funeral and her relatives yelled at her saying that’s inappropriate.

Hearing it, he said quietly to her “It was not inappropriate”.

On way back home, he said he has something important to tell her.

He told her to close her eyes and open after that.

What she saw in front her was a wolf man.

Hana accepted him and gave birth.

But one day, he didn’t come back home.

He was dead in a drainage canal.

It was hard to raise two children by herself.

The children were half-wolf that they howled at night and disturbed neighborhood.

She decided to move countryside in the end and new life with wold children starts.

Ending of Wolf Children

Hana, Ame and Yuki moved to countryside.

And what happened in the end?

Haha noticed that Ame and Yuki are different.

She knew that one day they have to decide.
That is, life as a human or life as a wolf.


Ame was attracted to life in the mountains with time.
And he started learning how to live from real animals in the mountains.

In the end, he decided to leave Hana by choosing a life as a wolf.

Hana shouted at him “Wait (for me)” he hesitated a moment and was about to say something.

But left her without saying a word, ran up a mountain and replied her by howling.

She could see a wolf in the distance, on the top of the mountain.

She could see a determination in his gentle eyes.


Yuki (Girl) left house to go to junior high school.

It was difficult for her to go to junior high school from home as it takes time.

When Hana moved to the village a villager who showed her an old house said it takes 2 and a half hours to the nearest junior high school.

So Yuki I started living by herself at a place closer to the junior high school. 

She decided to live a life as a human.


Ame chose life of a wolf and Yuki chose life of a human.

They both became independent and Hana lives alone now.

Still, Yuki would come back home sometimes for Hana as she just had to live alone because of the distance of her junior high school.

For Ame, he wouldn’t appear as he decided to live alone as a wolf in the mountains.

Hana herself knew that the moment he left her, so she saw him off shouting “Live your life!!”.

Still, she could sometimes hear wolf’s howling in the mountains.

That maybe a sign of his existence and his consideration to reassure her.

She gently put her hand over her ear and listen to the howling.

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