Blog Report! Over 300 access per day! Thank you very much to all the readers!!

Blog Report of Hiro8 Japanese Culture Blog

I just wanted to say thank you very much to all the readers who visit my blog!

I kept writing articles for almost 5 years now and noticed that I didn’t write anything about this blog itself. Σ( ̄□ ̄|||)

Now I receive over 300 access (first I wrote over 200 but it became 350 to 400 within a month) to my blog every day, so it’ll be about 10000 access a month.

Actually, the first couple of years, the access was between 15 to 30 per day.

Still, I was glad to know that people visit my blog even if it is a small number of people.

The Reason I started this blog

The first reason I started this blog was I wanted people to visit my website JLINK, plus, I wanted to tell people around the world what is Japan as one of the Japanese.

I made a website 5 years ago to sell Japanese goods but almost no one came, haha. (;^_^A
So, I thought I can write articles about Japan and link them to my website.

But I noticed that I like writing articles more than selling goods on my website (although I still like selling Japanese goods).

Japan was just Japan before I travel around the world.
I was just born in Japan and only that, nothing special.

But I realized the beauty of Japan and what I am today as one of the Japanese after travel.

Through my travel, I was asked if it was OK to take a picture of I by locals in some countries.

I was very surprised as those people knew I was Japanese and told the difference of Asian people just from my appearance.

Even I saw wrong Asian people sometimes, haha.

I have to say thank you for anime and manga as well as Japanese companies such as Honda, Toyoto, Sony, etc.

Anyway, that experience made me think about Japan deeply.

I thought I got back to a usual life of working at a company after came back to Japan but I didn’t after all.
I became self-employed.

More than stable money I can get from a company, living my own life was far more important to me.

And I live freely now although not enough money with me, haha.

Most Popular Top 5 Articles in my blog right now

If you look at “Popular Articles” in the sidebar, you can find popular articles.

But they are the popular articles that counted all the access since I started this blog, not right now.

If I count access right now, such as last week or month, it is different.

Here are the top 5 popular articles right now!

About Future of this blog

I also want to interview some Japanese professionals and unique people.
Real voices are great and I also want to know more about their thoughts.

I also plan to make an e-book in the future if possible.

I have so many things to write with me always but just need to have more time.


Over 300 access might be a small number to professional bloggers but great number to me.

Actually, more than the number of access, how I can reach the hearts of each reader is much more important.

Even if it is just one person.
Just one person, who read my blog is important.

I once met with a professional singer called Ohana-san (Youmou to Ohana).

That was my first time to line up for purchasing Albums of a singer.

She once told
“I want to sing a song which reaches to the hearts of each person rather than to so many people”.

And I feel the same.

She passed away but the words and songs she left would keep in my heart for good.

I attached YouTube of her song in this article here.
Recommended Japanese Musicians and Bands that sing a song in English

Sorry, I derailed but I’m gonna keep writing with that in mind.

And I can keep writing thanks to the readers who visit my site, so thank you very much!!

I hope I can deliver something useful, interesting information about Japan.

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