Hilarious Anime Mahoujin Guru Gruru

I think Mahoujin Guru Guru is not famous in overseas.
But I highly recommend this anime to those who love comedy, light adventure and cute Kawaii animation.
When I first read this anime is I think in around 1995 and it really cracked me up.
Even enemies are cute and made me laugh really.
It had also been aired on TV around that time.
I introduce its story and character of it here.

Short introduction of the story

The story starts from the telling of “The Story”.
It is like this “there was a legend of monster and people afraid of it”, like that.
It looks like, yes, the story we can often hear.
So there stood a wooden board it says “The Brave Wanted” in a village.
Villagers come together around the board and one of them says “This is a good wood that I can use this for making a fire for a bath boiler”.
He ignored the content of the board completely and that was my first laugh.
And one man notices the board and pull it out, rushed to the house with it.
He tells his son Nike to become the brave and Nike says “I don’t like it”.
Then he says Nike “Don’t say it The brave”
His wife join this and says “Yes, don’t say it The brave”
Nike was already labeled The brave.
First story starts like this.
From the first episode I can not stop laughing.

Unique Characters

  • Nike
    The brave of the story.
    Loose character and a man with a destiny.
    He is a luch-pusher and easygoing peroson.
    But sometimes shows great power.
    Nike has a soft spot for a cute girl
  • Kukuri
    A survivor of tribe Migu Migu.
    She can use dark magic Guru Guru.
    Depart her village with Nike to defeat the demon lord.
    She like Nike so much.
    Kukuri is a romantic and often fantasizes.
  • Kitakita Oyaji
    A man who is always dancing.
    He always appears at a perfect timing.
    He got shocked to be told to stop dancing by Kukuri once as she hates the strange dancing of his.
    I don’t remember how many times he made me laugh.
    He is must-character of Mahoujin Guru Guru.
  • Gipple
    Fairy who guides Nike and Kukuri.
    It offers a useful information.
    It also appears when it heard cheesy line just to tell it heard cheesy line.
    Wearing a loincloth or Fundoshi.
  • Tatejiwa Nezumi torio
    Tatejiwa nezumi is monster of demon lord Giri.
    Tatejiwa nezumi torio like to play demon lord in the dark room.
    They are lower class monsters and always made me laugh.

Kukuri’s Magic Guru Guru

  • Sappari Fairy
    Enemy can’t do anything properly and correctly if Sappari Fairy dance on the top of enemy’s head.
    For example, one enemy took a burdock out mistakenly instead of the sword.
    Even a parting shot doesn’t make cool line because of Sappari Fairy.
    Awful magic.
  • Long Cry of a Cat
    This cry of a cat deactivate enemy’s magic.
    But it also removes nervousness of the battle.
  • Giant’s Smile
    Giant appears in the distant and stares at.
    Just that, nothing happens.
    But the gaze is a bit annoying.

Nike’s Magic

  • Kakkoii Pose or Cool Pose
    It is Nike’s magic to make a cool pose in the air.
    It attracts attention and makes everyone look at him in awe.
    Nothing happens other than that.
    Legendary magic of hero!
  • Kita Kita
    Nike was going to say Kira Kira which is his magic but says Kita Kita by mistake.
    To his surprise, bronze statues of Kitakita Oyaji dash toward Nike and defeat enemies in front of him by making lariat.


I read comic for the first time in about 20 years and I couldn’t stop laughing even now.
I think this is the comic made me laugh most.
Even enemies are not scary at all rather make me laugh.
I think more than 80% is comedy but sometimes there are good scenes and phrases without comedy that resonate with us.
Animation of it is also intimating.
Recommended anime to those who want to enjoy watching or reading in comfort without serious thought.

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