Went to the 56th All Japan Model and Hobby Show

What is All Japan Model & Hobby Show As the title shows it is an event of plastic model and…


History of Karaoke and today’s Karaoke in Japan

History of Karaoke It is said to have been that Original Karaoke had first appeared in around 1970 in Japan….

Tokyo Game Show TGS 2016

Summary of Tokyo Game Show TGS 2016

Firstly I missed the chance to visit Tokyo Game Show T T Literally I missed the chance to come visit…


The meaning behind Itadakimasu

What is Itadakimasu Itadakimasu means to have food humbly. We put hands together in front of chest when we say…

Your Name Kimi no Na Wa

Your Name Kimi no Na wa Movie of Makoto Shinkai became a Mega Hit

※What I write about here might includes some spoilers that if you are like “no spoilers”, please watch real movie…

Acoustic Village

Free Music Live Acoustic Village in Saitama

What is Acoustic Village? Acoustic Village is the place where you can enjoy music, outdoor things, organic items, outdoor goods…

Slow Live 2016 in Temple Ikegami Honganji

Slow Live 2016 in Temple Ikegami Honmonji

What is Slow Live? Theme of Slow Live is literally Slow. Slow food is now famous so can’t we apply…

Ninja Pattern

What is a Real Ninja Like?

Ninja was really cool Ninja we usually imagine? If we imagine Ninja, our imagination is like battling using ninja sword…